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    And Canada has potentially, the strongest tournament tour we have seen in years.

    I've spent the last 4 months raving to my local players that the talent pool in Canada specifically the GTA is on another level.
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    to hell with call shots...anyone else gone back to "slop" and loving it?

    If this isn't trolling then God help you. Switch to video slots.
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    Thread titles you'll never read on AZBilliards.

    Me stringing together 12 racks of 8-ball on a valley barbox. By Anybody.
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    Real talk

    Man on the contrary one of he halls I play league in has awesome food and if your hungry the smells flying around shark you so damn hard.
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    Looking for Cue 300-400 dollar price range

    I'm guessing 200 people wanted to see how somebody was going to tell you there's a whole 'want to buy' section in the aptly named 'wanted/for sale' sub forum in some clever and snarky manner. Jus sayin...
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    Predator "black shafts?"

    I hear Shane shoots pretty sporty with a cuetec, certainly not flying out to get one.
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    Centering table under light

    A laser level should get you where you want to be
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    Rule Question?

    I think that's a bad hit, but I'll let somebody quote a rule book and stand back
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    Simonis 860 Cloth Tear

    I wouldn't let that get to you, if it's on the break spot it's going to look worse then that soon enough
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    Most racks ever run on a Valley bar box

    This whole thread is a bit of a joke, it's chalk full of facts, fables, predictions, hear-say, statistics, bullshit, hate mongering, nut swinging and all the other heirlooms of a train wreck thread you can't seem to stop reading regardless of how hard you try.
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    Most racks ever run on a Valley bar box

    I was thinking I'd never seen a 9ft valley but the big table at flat iron is just that am I wrong? Sorry for assuming you might know your name just implies this much.
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    Predator "black shafts?"

    I'm just playing devils advocate because I don't have the means of desire to play a 500 dollar shaft and have always disliked composite pool cues but just for example; From hockey's inception until the early to middle 90's all hockey sticks were made of wood. At some point probably in the late...
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    Letting kids play on my table

    How does a 3 year old manage that? Next time give the kid a cue not a box cutter!
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    Streaming Players & Problems

    All I want to know is do I really have to wait until November for people to stop exercising their "wit" through politics
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    Stupidest "Identify this cue" thread ever

    Based on the title, lack of information and even worse picture I thought you were trolling and found it amusing, then realized you weren't and people actually managed to identify it made it all the more hilarious
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    An observation about my 9 ball break. Thoughts welcome.

    If your chosen rack is even the slightest bit off from perfect you'll have a hard time not getting gaps consistently. Especially if you have a habit of using it in the same orientation. And also if your using a "9 ball rack" those things are junk.
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    Streaming Players & Problems

    I think Shane's attitude is a poor one in this matter, in most high profile professional sports simply being on television doesn't come with the benefits of money and endorsements, but consistent good coverage will. All you provide is a vessel for these players to potentially make more money by...
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    Streaming Players & Problems

    Great post.
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    An observation about my 9 ball break. Thoughts welcome.

    I think it honestly has to do with gaps, if your breaking with a template then I'm stumped, otherwise try a template/magic rack/ accurack.
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    Pool Ball Collecting.

    My dad installed a table in there house in Canada in the 90's so they definitely played some.