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    $500 for a tip? Come on, get real.

    Dave, what the heck are you talking about?
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    Konllen vs Predator

    I would think that would be fine. Enjoy.
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    Go to playing cue.

    Absolutely. The pool player who could never part w/ his cue is a romantic image, but I'm no world-beater & if I can pick up something at least as good & worth more (both assumptions I'm using for your hypothetical), it's not a tough choice.
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    Shane in Sports Illustrated

    No Not enough people would understand what it means.
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    King of the value cues?

    Thanks. It's a minor concern. I have a Revo already but don't feel like my play warrants purchasing another. I honestly play the same w/ most shafts once I'm warmed up. Just don't want to worry about dings & scratches.
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    King of the value cues?

    Looking for a backup/beater cue. Is J. Flowers still the best deal going for a cue w/ CF shaft? I have one of their break cues & am completely happy w/ it but I'm not in love w/ their designs & agree w/ some reviewers that their wraps seem a bit off (meaning, they should start closer to the...
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    Cue extensions- why & what length?

    I have seen some pros play w/ screw-in extensions at the rear of the cue left in all the time & I have seen some that screw in an extension only on longer shots. Is the purpose of such an extension to add weight & alter the balance of the cue or is it to avoid using a mechanical bridge? Would...
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    For all the negative Shane talk...

    I don't know Shane & have never met him, but on this forum where irrelevant minutiae about players' lives can easily generate a 5-page thread, I've never heard anything remotely this strong.
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    Do you practice with cue that's not your player?

    IDK if I really have a player. I just play w/ a couple cues & switch when I'm in the mood. I'm hardly elite, though.
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    Fedor Gorst v Carlo Biado (Race to 120) 9 ball (Sep 16-18)

    I have no trouble believing other people have different experiences w/ him, his style of play is just not to my liking. I was never a fan of Connors either, so I think you provided an excellent example. Different play styles appeal to different bases, regardless of the sport.
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    Fedor Gorst v Carlo Biado (Race to 120) 9 ball (Sep 16-18)

    This is one reason why I like him so much more than Filler. I'm sure people have stories to the contrary, but Filler seems like a prick to me.
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    Bridge Hand

    I've never thought about it.
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    Mosconni Cup needs a major change to stay relevant.

    I don't have the energy to point out all the flaws in OP's logic, but just b/c one team is losing more games in the short term D/N mean it's time to change the rules. To use another sport's analogy as others have, I live in the midwest. For years, Michigan dominated Ohio State in football...
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    8 ball foul question

    If someone got this fussy w/ me in a non-money game or tournament, I'd be steamed.
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    Need some help

    If you can shop locally, just bring the cue to the store & see which shaft fits best.
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    Jump/Break Cue?

    I have a PureX j/b. I really like it for breaking & rarely jump b/c I play at home most of the time in a somewhat tight space. The few times I practiced jumping I was pretty poor, though there's an excellent chance that's my fault. I purchased a dedicated break cue & will be putting the PureX on...
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    Preferred cue length

    I'm not sure it makes much difference in my game. 60" doesn't really help me reach tough shots like I thought it would (I'm ~ 6'0").
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    Are there any books with 8 ball patterns?

    Ralph Eckert has a good video & drill on this.
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    Is it time?

    I've never visited it. Not once. Why not leave them to themselves & enjoy the other forums? It sounds like it's performing its function.
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    LD, Kielwood, and carbon league stat comparison

    Interesting. Your competition & practice time may have more to do w/ these results than the shaft material. Same group of guys? Same game?