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    Name a pool hall you wish was still open today

    Home away from home. Intermountain Billiards, Boise, Idaho. Late '60s through '70s.
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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Intro from Idaho Hello, Just so no one thinks I'm trying to trick anybody, my name is Jim and I live in Idaho. :smile: I played pool or, most often, snooker almost every day, back in the late '60s through the mid '70s. Life got in the way and I have only recently decided I should try to...
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    Minnosota Fats Autograph PSA/DNA

    I don't know if he couldn't or just preferred not to. My fiance asked him to autograph a dollar bill for her. He pulled out a little rubber stamp to do the job. I thought that was pretty cool. :) Sadly, the bill was later stolen. Jim