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    Gene Albrecht and Perfect Aim

    Hey all haven't been On here much lately, but after tonight I have a good reason to speak up. Gene Albrecht has been here in the Quad Cities area for the last week or so. Although I've never been a fan of what I feel may be "gimics" in pool, Genes system is far from that... We actually matched...
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    Lil Joe's Kicking DVD - Why Reverse Order Sequence?

    I unlike some have the pleasure of living in the same area as Joe, so allow me to enlighten you, from the battles Joe and I have had in tournaments and gambling I can tell you that his knowledge is the equalizer to any physical ability. Joe has seen me in the pool hall for the last 4 years and...
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    For Sale - Diveney Jump Cue - Radial Pin - G-10 Tip/Ferrule

    bump for not only a great seller but a great friend as well!!! People let me tell you this I jump with an air time with a white diamnod tip, and I am not bashful to say that I jump better than alot of people do, if I was gonna give up my jump cue which I love dearly, this is the exact setup I...
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    Varney Alves Break/Jump - Flat Lam. Shaft - $225 !!!

    Ive broke a few racks with this cue hitting them around with larry, 225 for the way it hits the balls is an absolute steal anyone who puts this in their hands will be extremely pleased with their results.
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    watch a hack, instantly play like one

    I really dont play much on the big table this time of year because everything in this area in on the bar table. Last I checked I asked for advice or relevent information so if you have neither of those go for a walk.
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    watch a hack, instantly play like one

    I should have clarified, I dont play APA as you are right the scoring system is just flat out wrong. I am speaking of texas express rules, Im from the quad cities which has alot of really tough players, also when i said I can string together 3s and 4s I ment I can break and run 3 and 4 packs...
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    watch a hack, instantly play like one

    So where in the mental portion of the game does it exist that whenever I got to a tournament of lesser skilled players I automatically feel the sense of entitlement to win and therefore can never bring my best game to the table??? I am in no way a freak of nature or some dominating force on the...
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    who can fade this guy on a bar table?

    If Morra wants any part of Jesse he knows right where he can find him, Morra better bring a bigger stake horse than he brought last time Jesse isn't gonna let him off for 1k a set or no 200 1 hole, I'd love to see it go off again and I'd love to get some cash in the middle on it.
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    who can fade this guy on a bar table?

    im going out on a limb here to say jesse would be number 2 on that list, I dont think he has any intentions right now of playing shane but i will say this much jesse might have more heart than 90% of people walking the planet and has made a hell of a career out of outruning the nuts so everybody...
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    Midwest 9 ball tour davenport iowa

    tell me your finally going to bring some diamonds into this area kid.
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    Top 10 bar table players in your state

    for iowa I would call it in no order Jon Kucharo Josh Johnson Jamie Fenton Chad Vilmont if the sleeve was still here him the last 5 in my opinion could be made up by about 20 people i'd like to consider myself in the top 100. lol and for illinois everybody seems to forget Jamey Bowman can...
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    Top 10 bar table players in your state

    Kucharo and Josh Johnson are both Iowa residents to clarify sir
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    Midwest 9 ball tour davenport iowa

    Mikey always gotta start that high rollin!!! I got some heart im in Jesse, wonder if i can get myself cheap in the auction im not going over 30 on Shorty
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    How Common is Hill-Hill, let's re-flip?

    If Im breaking or not I always offer to back it an jack it, id rather play win by 2 honestly.
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    How is your local pool action in your area during the summer ?

    Pool action in the summer what is this???
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    Give it up for TAR !!!! This weeks show !!

    Thank you TAR!!! The stream was fantastic and the new camera angles where amazing, and having Scott in the booth was a breathe of fresh air. That being said did anybody else get EXTREMELY annoyed with listening to Incardona snort the entire time?
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    Cue Breakdown during match play

    Anytime you break down your playing cue in the middle of the match it is technically considered a forfeit that being said as a gentleman etiquette wait till you opponent is at a moment where the distraction wont matter and verbally annouce you are going to change shafts if that is your intent...
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    hennessee from tennessee gets spanked in athens alabama

    well rusty if you know jess like I do if this guy thinks he has the nuts on the bar table nobody out runs them jesse does. If he ever got down there and I had the details of the game I might go broke but Im just not seeing enough info.
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    Congats to Borana

    I agree with you johnny I dont think either player played their best game I have to say from what I saw of OMG's warm up I thought she played a little better before the match actually started, I also thought with the little time borana spent warming up that she was gonna be in a lil trouble, but...