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    FS- Layered Tips

    I have a bunch of cue tips that I will never use. I have several boxes (50 in each) of soft, regular, and hard Molavia tips; a few tins (50 in a tin) of Moori mediums. PM me if interested. Deno
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    FS- Nice 8 Point (4 high, 4 Low) Skip Weston A couple more pics here: Deno
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    How about pics of ED YOUNG cues?

    Two brand new ones with a brand new taper designed by Kersenbrock/Young: Deno
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    New Ed Young Cues- a Pair! Delivered this evening... Deno
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    Finally played some 3C...

    Glad to see that you experienced true billiards. Let me know if you are ever in Chicago...and congratulations on the 3. Deno
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    Live Chat Tonight from IPT

    Hi all, AZ is hosting a live chat tonight from 7-8pm (Pacific). We are all here in Reno for the start of the IPT World Open. The tournament has a $3,000,000 prize fund and the winner will win $500,000. Needless to say, it is a giant tournament and it is going to be intense. Tonight, I will be...
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    FS: Skip Weston 8-Pointer

    Well, I hate to sell it but it is not 100% original. Apparently the wrap was done by someone other than Skip. Being and originality purist, the cue must go bye bye. Here are the details: Weight: 19.33oz Shaft 1: 13mm, ferrule looks live ivory but I think it is a synthetic. 99% condition. Shaft...
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    Rare Murray Tucker- Only 1 day left The low reserve has already been met. Deno
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    Skip Weston- 8 Points, Very Sharp

    Good question! I didn't get it from him, but I was told that it was as he built it. I haven't been able to reach him yet to ask. Deno
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    Skip Weston- 8 Points, Very Sharp

    Had I ordered it from Skip, I would have done the same. This cue is a player, and the phenolic joint is great for that purpose. Deno
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    Skip Weston- 8 Points, Very Sharp

    No, it is a pool cue. Deno
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    Skip Weston- 8 Points, Very Sharp Deno
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    Murray Tucker Cue- Rare 16 points I added a few good pictures that show the butt, forearm, and joint of the cue up close. Deno
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    Murray Tucker Cue- Rare 16 points

    I just purchased the cue from Benny in Singapore (great transaction by the way). Now that I have it, I realize that I hate the lizard wrap on the cue. However, it is Murray's first ebony-on-ebony and the first cue he put a lizard wrap on. It is also finished with lacquer, which was what he used...
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    Titlist Originals, and Conversions Deno
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    Gus Szamboti Blanks

    Thinking about sending them to Cuetec to make them into cues...JUST KIDDING! In a couple weeks I will put up a link to some very high resolution photos and more details about these blanks. Notice the unique veneer patterns. The blank on the far left is Brazilian Rosewood, and the rest are Ebony...
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    Great Transaction with Benny

    I recently transacted business with "Benny" who posts here. I was reluctant to send roughly $1500 to Singapore. However, I did so and quickly received a tracking number. Just three or four days later the cue came, well packed, and exactly as described. Thanks Benny! I would not hesitate to deal...
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    Anyone Want to Take a Guess?

    Ten points to all who wrote that it was a Gus Szamboti blank. It is one of several that I will photograph and post soon. Deno
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    Anyone Want to Take a Guess?

    ten points to the first person who can properly guess what this is and who made it. deno
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    Antique Kieckhefer Talcum Can, unused

    Looking for a new home: Deno