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    Recessed lighting: Homeroom

    Very helpful and exactly my thoughts. this is why I’m considering recessed, especially since it can be multi-functional by just adding a dimmer switch and using it for everyday use.
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    Recessed lighting: Homeroom

    This room looks fantastic. Did you select a certain brightness or style LED or do any research or first one you grabbed worked fine?
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    Recessed lighting: Homeroom

    Do you think it would be an issue if there was a beam between the panels?
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    Recessed lighting: Homeroom

    I am setting up a table in my home room and noticed recessed lights have grown considerably easier to install AND LED/adjustable. Has anyone pursued this and can it be done as good as a light over the table. The room I have has 5 windows but low ceilings and a beam that makes it challenging to...
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    Giveaway, R Neighbors Conversion

    Put me in! Thanks! Put me in! Thanks!
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    Brunswick Cue Value

    Hey guys - Looking for help valuing a cue. I have a 2pc cue and then 2 other 1pc cues. The one that I find most interesting is the 2pc, since I've never seen a square window Brunswick BC. I've attached a bunch of photos, would love everyones thoughts. Thanks. See pictures...
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    Old Brunswick Cues or Garbage?

    I actually just noticed the two other cues do have markings .. as seen on picture.
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    Old Brunswick Cues or Garbage?

    Hi guys, Found these three cues in an antique store for $10. Curious if they have any value and are they the real deal. The one is a 2pc cue, what appears to be ivory based on the coloring but I could be wrong and the wrap feels leather, but again, I could be wrong. The other two dont have...
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    Tony Layne j/b

    Pm sent........... Pm sent.............
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    Alex brick J/B cue (jump break)

    Want to buy, willing to pay fair price
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    Pro Brackets

    Am I wrong? I actually don't think any money was added. If you add up payouts it's $6400 paid out and $7200 collected (225 * 32)... am I missing something?
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    We need AFFLUENT people to shoot pool!! 💡

    Correlation does not imply causation.
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    Shane/Shaw Action Match

    Exactly. When you're the best, why "gamble"?
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    A New Way to One Hole

    Pretty sure you didn't read what I wrote. Read it again....
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    A New Way to One Hole

    Pretty sure I got a better way to improve one pocket. Let's just reduce the number of balls used.. to say .. nine or ten? Doesn't matter. Next, instead of a soft break, maybe force the breaker to break them hard. Then, maybe instead of each using one pocket, let the person approaching the...
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    Tascarella Titleist

    Note: I'll pay more than whatever EddieInDetroit offered or offers in near future, just contact me if you ever settle on giveaway pricing.
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    PPV Jan 21-30 Derby City Classic Action Room

    Morty squeaked out a win.
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    Send Mike Wong to the U.S. Open

    Good luck Mike. I couldn't tolerate reading all of the thread, but hope you get there, play well, get some rolls and get the cash. - Corey
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    Pro Players and Tattoo's

    Disagree with OP.