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    Understanding Aiming as a Shot Picture

    I agree with "shot picture". Without getting too much into it, I think a shot picture ties into theories on "quiet eye". Basically you "see the shot" whether before and/or after alignment or getting down on the shot; then right before shooting the "shot" is a picture in your head of the...
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    Best way to work your way out of a rut?!?

    I too am for one of those who don't believe in a true "slump" in terms of pocketing balls, it was not always so though. I used to start to shoot bad then believe it was a stump and it'll go away. Shooting bad is not a cold or flu, it is because your fundamentals/mechanics aren't correct ie. a...
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    TAR 35: Guess The Score Win The Cash Promo

    Friday Day 1 Dennis:35 Shane:27 Saturday Day 2 Dennis:70 Shane:63 Sunday Day 3 Dennis:100 Shane: 91
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    My aiming system/process

    lol, I've lurked a bit, and see many mumbo jumbo aiming systems. but I really believe I discovered something worth sharing because I have never more been able to articulate what I'm doing, and to be shooting so well consistently. just trying to help out.
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    My aiming system/process

    I agree, which is why I dont look at a contact point anymore, but a "sweet spot" that I need to bring my cue ball to through the stroke. If you measure where I'm actually LOOKING at, I couldn't tell you because it is a blur, I just know if I stroke through the cue ball, it is going in.
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    My aiming system/process

    Thanks for contributing. What you described is a variation of the cookie cutter version of general aiming and I have read these variations many times. IMO from what I described in the OP is we shouldn't be looking at the contact point, but instead a contact area or a sweet spot. the contact...
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    My aiming system/process

    Thanks. Yea I was unsure to call it a system or process because I think most people would say an aiming system has a direct defined way of CALCULATING a shot. I guess I would call what I described a systematic approach to feel aiming. Before I discovered this, there are times I would try to...
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    My aiming system/process

    Thanks. I've really watched the pros and tried to figure out how they do it and this is what I came up with. If any of you are like me I have many friends who don't play pool, but if I can teach them right maybe they will enjoy the game for what it truly is. No other "systems" make sense to...
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    My aiming system/process

    Aim: There are only 3 things to focus on. Pocket, object ball, and cue ball. Begin aiming by standing over the cue ball where you have the most field of vision of all things that need focus. Begin FOCUS and sight a point of the pocket where you want to strike. Move eyes to and through object...
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    TVmike has proven untrustworthy

    someone ban and blacklist this idiot already. he's either a scam artist or REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY DUMB. i believe it's a mixture of the two but favoring the latter. he lives in his own world saying he seeings things different than everyone else because EVERYONE else has a confirmation...