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    Carbon Fiber cleaner?

    Which is the best way to clean a carbon fiber shaft? Water? Alcohol? Anyone try black magic? Ultra - Glide from Mcdermott?
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    New Clear Bullet Proof break Tip is amazing!

    After trimming the diameter flush to the ferrule, gradually sand down the sides of the tip from 1500 to 3000 grit sandpaper and then use any type of polishing compound to finish the tip. It will be super clear.
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    Whyte carbon

    Does anyone know what one of these shafts will go for?
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    Break cue

    Does anyone know which break cue James Aranas uses? It seems like shorter cue, all black and the grip is placed further back toward the end of the cue going back all the way to the end of the cue.
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    Jerico Stinger Midnight Black G10 tip 19.5 oz Please pm if interested to purchase outside of ebay. Willing to negotiate.
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    Lightning Bolt Jump/Break cue 14 oz. G10 ferrule/tip Please pm if interested to buy outside of ebay. I am willing to negotiate
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    Used Jacoby Edge Hybrid 3/8 x 10 If you want to negotiate a deal outside of ebay, pm me. I use paypal and zelle.
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    Funny Comment from a teammate on my cue.

    Lighter cue = more action on the cue ball
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    Lightning Bolt Jump/Break cue 14 oz G10 ferrule/tip

    You are incorrect, I have the only one
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    Lightning Bolt Jump/Break cue 14 oz G10 ferrule/tip

    Brand New, never used. Lightning Bolt Jump/Break Cue 14 oz. 3/8 x 10 joint. People say that you need a heavier break cue to break well. That is not is not the case. You need a lighter cue to generate speed. This takes it to the extreme. When this cue was in circulation at Players, there...
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    Jerico Stinger jump/break midnight black, G10 tip

    Very nice Jerico Stinger jump/break cue. 13 mm G10 tip 19 oz. Used. Breaks a ton and jumps like crazy. Condition 9.0/10. Listing is on ebay Please pm for private party sale for $240 OBO. Payment must be made through zelle or paypal friends and family.
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    Sold Adam II Jump/break cue

    Listing is on ebay
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    Sold Bob Frey Custom Sneaky Pete 3/8x10 pin

    Yes the original shaft comes with the cue
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    Sold Babin Custom sneaky 3/8 x 10 pin

    Not exactly sure, my guess would be anywhere from 18.5 - 19.0. I will not be able to sell these on azbilliards with a paypal payment because my paypal is not working. I have this cue on ebay for $350 currently. If you are serious about buying the cue, give me a number and I'll see what I can do
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    Sold Babin Custom sneaky 3/8 x 10 pin

    Up for sale is a nice custom sneaky by Jason Babin, cuemaker in CT. Included in this sale is a cue and two shafts one maple and one purpleheart to match the cue. The handle is solid purpleheart and the points are purpleheart. The remaining forearm is curly maple. The pin is 3/8 x 10. Shaft...
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    Sold Bob Frey Custom Sneaky Pete 3/8x10 pin

    Hello, for sale is a nice Bob Frey sneaky pete with a 3/8 x 10 pin. Rosewood fullsplice into curly maple. Cue weight is around 19.0 -19.5 oz. Tip is a 12.5 kamui clear medium. Shaft rolls straight together and apart. Shaft fits nice and snug with the butt. Condition is 9.5/10 due to minor...
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    New Bullet Proof "Clear" Break Tips Are The Bomb!

    Tip Does this break tip require a pad when installed?
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    Any tips out there that don't glaze over?
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    As a frequent pool player, I noticed that my tip was glazing over quicker than most. I use navigator blue impact soft and have been for quite a while, best predictable spin out there. Any tips out there that don't glaze over?