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    Bergen Open 9-ball

    The Bergen will take place in Bergen, Norway, the 7th-9th of august. Reyes, Bustamante, Feijen, Peach, Chinahov, Boyes and other players will attend! More info:
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    World's best jump cue - but which mark?!

    World's best jump cue - but which brand is it?! Does anybody know who the company that makes these? I am desperate! Thanks in advance! EDIT: Nevermind, found it!! THE best jump cue in the...
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    Case with red interior?

    Hello! =) I am in the seek of a really sick cue case, one of the coolest I've ever seen! But, I need a bit help, cuz I simply can't find it anywhere. Il try to describe it as good as I could, and have a picture to show. It have almost the same look as this one...
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    Break speed? Theres an app 4 that....

    Me and a friend tried this one out today. Quite fun! My hardest break was in 9ball with 25.59 MPH (had one recorded 123 MPH tho, but I consider it as a bug =P ), and a 10ball break I had was 25.45 MPH. My friend had his best 9ball break of 28.67 MPH, and his best 10ball break was 28.75 MPH.
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    Norwegian 10ball Elite Open

    This weekend a national 10ball tournament is being held in Trondheim, Norway. Quarterfinals will start in 20 minutes: Malvin Bjelland - Mats B. Schjetne Steffen Wolff - Askild Hansen (I think this is on the livetable) Vegar Kristiansen - Monica...
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    Your Favorite Chalk

    At my club we have always used the blue master chalk, but I always ending up looking like a character from Avatar (Except from the muscles and the long tail on my back ofc). You get what you pay for.
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    10-ball vs. 9-ball

    Hi=) I think 10ball is more fair, but 9ball is more friendly for the public. I hate to lose a match when the opponent have fluked ball for the win. I am wondering how it would have been whit 10ball rules in 9ball?
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    Your Favorite Chalk

    Longoni Blue Diamond =)
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    World Team Championship

    Team Philippines can go and hide, NORWAY ftw!!
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    What do you pay for pool?

    Last year we paid about 4$, NOW we pay 22$ per hour-.- And this is the member's price. The non-member price is the same...
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    Live stream from the Norwegian 8-ball Championship

    Hi. In Norway this weekend the national 8-ball championship takes place in Oslo. The men's division have about 90 players competing, and in the women's division its 16. PS. A lot of norwegians is watching the stream so most of you will...
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    mpg4 file / cut

    Are u on a pc or a mac? On pc i only know of windows movie maker. On mac you have iMovie and final cut.
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    fury or j&j jump/break cue?

    The Fury is one of the best jump-cues you will ever try, tho I don't like the way its breaking. If you are open for other suggestions, I would recommend the Poiosn VX2.9. Its a little bit more expensive, but well worth the money.
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    Video Request: Pagulayan v. Chao, WPC 2004 Final Rack

    Oh, I went through the post to quick, read the name wrong :P Sorry. Direct link to the match, thanks to Ed Wiggins for posting the link to the site...
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    Video Request: Pagulayan v. Chao, WPC 2004 Final Rack

    This one? =)
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    Pattern racking

    lol!...not the best comeback-answer.
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    Theory About The Break

    Have to say I might misunderstood the whole thing. I had an average little over 3 balls falling on the break in a match. Not an average of 6. My bad :P
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    Theory About The Break

    On the most, 6 balls has disappeared from the table when i was breaking, from the last league-tournament I had an average of 3/4 in my best match, and 2/3 in the rest. But it all depends on the table, and the racking. This was really good 9ft tables with new cloth, and the tables was tapped. Ofc...
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    *** Official Mosconi Cup 2009 Thread ***

    Suck on that!
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    *** Official Mosconi Cup 2009 Thread ***

    Europe will win in the end, we all know it!=)