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    Oscar Dominguez in UK tabloids, not good.

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    Oscar Dominguez in UK tabloids, not good.

    He should trade mark that line and put it on a tshirt. He'd make millions. Everyone up in arms over that? Shaw checked fillers oil in front of everyone!
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    Mosconi 2017 - Updates

    Am i the only one who saw this
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    Filler Awesome

    Good to see team Europe supporting the young guys
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    22nd $5000.00 Added Snookers' Ocean State

    is the qualifer gonna happen?
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    Cleveland pool halls

    Thanks for the info Curly, I'll only be in on Thursday night and thought I might find a tournament. Guess I'll just drop by big daddys or river city and bang some balls around.
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    Cleveland pool halls

    how about any weekly tournaments?
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    Cleveland pool halls

    I'll be in Cleveland later this week. Anyone suggest any pool halls out there?
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    MI pool halls

    anyone know any good pool halls near Saginaw Michigan, near or around birch run?
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    wanted: box style case

    i'm looking for a case just to store some extra cues. I'd like to buy a flat box style, new or used. Something that holds 4 or 5 butts and 8 or 10 shafts. Don't need anything flashy - just storage. thanks
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    Snookers Providence RI - 9-Ball - $5000.00 Guaranteed First Place

    I think I know why - didn't Steve Mizerak die a few years back.
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    viking cue with mirrored inlays

    I got that same cue - they stopped making that model as far as I know. I've been shooting with it for 3 years - no problems
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    Snookers Providence RI - 9-Ball - $5000.00 Guaranteed First Place

    Some ideas: IMO bieng a "B" player (apa 6) and getting 1 game on the wire is a joke when playing a "A" player. I lost 8-4 when I played an "A". I played one "B" and won hill-hill I played one "C" player, and gave up 1 game on the wire. I won 7-1. there needs to be more ranking levels, as...
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    The most controversial AZ Billiards post, EVER

    Jen I have to agree with you. But just play to enjoy the game. I doesn't matter that women will never be as good as men at pool. As long as you have fun. There are a million things that women can do better than men, however, pool is not one of them. I'm sure if you invested as much money in pots...
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    9 ball push rule question

    from now on I guess I have to bring my attorney with me when I gamble. I was pretty sure the 8 came back up, I just wanted to post the question to the high council of pool on here. thanks for the input.
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    9 ball push rule question

    if the 8 goes in on the break, it stayed down. we never agreed to bring it back up. only rule was I had to call the 8 during the game, no sh1tting it in.
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    9 ball push rule question

    if you a playing for $$ and getting weight, in this case I was getting the 8, the other guy breaks, makes a ball but has no good shot, so he calls "push" and deliberately pockets the 8 ball. Question is, does the 8 come back up?
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    New England Pool and Billiard Hall of Fame

    is there a list of players that will be inducted? if i'm on it, I need time to write my speech
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    What does it take to become a Champion?

    OMG you don’t know who John Schmidt is? Try Wikipedia…here I’ll help: “John Schmidt was United States Associate Attorney General from 1994 to 1997 under President Bill Clinton…..” He can also run 400 balls. I think they call him Mr. 400 or something He has killed my dreams of ever becoming...