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    FS Predator Vantage

    Very lightly used Predator Vantage shaft in excellent condition. 3/8x10 modified $250 + shipping US only.
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    FS Predator Revo 12.4 3/8x10 modified

    Used Revo for sale $350 + freight… ship US only. 12.4 mm Tapped 3/8x10 modified Relatively new Zan medium tip great condition
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    Super aramith pro set

    I have a set of Super aramith pro with a measel that have been used for a couple years. They are in great shape. $190 delivered in US only.
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    Where to play in Tampa

    Thank you Hank.
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    Where to play in Tampa

    Thanks Gents.
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    Where to play in Tampa

    I will be in Tampa this week looking to play some. Any suggestions where to play 1P?
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    Sold Cynergy 12.5mm carbon fiber shaft 3/8 x 10

    3/8x10 will NOT fit on a modified 3/8x10 pin. However a modified 3/8x10 shaft will fit on a 3/8x10 pin.
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    Sold Cynergy 12.5mm carbon fiber shaft 3/8 x 10

    Pic updated. When I sized them to download the tip got cropped out.
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    Sold Cynergy 12.5mm carbon fiber shaft 3/8 x 10

    Like new Cynergy CF shaft 3/8x10 joint. I played with the shaft for a couple hrs, it’s just not for me. $300 delivered.
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    Atlanta, GA Cue work

    Terry up at Cues in Marietta can replace tips.
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    Shoot again

    i don’t see how this could possibly improve the game of 1P in any way.
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    One Pocket - Wow

    If you are interested in learning the game of 1P you will find a treasure trove of knowledge.
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    Mezz Ferules

    My tips never get short enough to stress the ferrule. I think Mezz chose their ferrule for its weight not longevity.
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    Mezz Ferules

    I have been playing Mezz WD/WX 700 and Ex Pro shafts for the last 3 years. I like everything about these shafts except the ferules, all of mine have cracked. I have never broken with any of the shafts. I do fire some balls into the pocket and hit some firm banks. I am curious if other Mezz...
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    World famous draw stick ready for close investigation

    I have been out of the game a good while but I seriously doubt Kimber is dabbling in the 6PPC arena. If that is still the caliber of choice in BR.
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    WTB lathe for shaft/tip repair

    I will certainly do that considering Chris is not far from me.
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    WTB lathe for shaft/tip repair

    I am looking for a used lathe for shaft cleaning, tip, and ferrule repair. Please send pm if you are considering yours. Ben
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    FS Mezz EX Pro shaft

    The shaft is still available.
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    FS Mezz EX Pro shaft

    Sorry for the glaring omissions, it is a wavy joint.