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    Best / Most Creative Excuses

    I was playing a guy one time who's excuse for missing his money ball was that he tripped as he went to shoot it!!:confused::eek:
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    Who is left in the 9 Ball at Derby City?

    Busty is a lock for MOT
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    Who is left in the 9 Ball at Derby City?

    WTG Shane.... I might've lost my nerve with him spreading the balls like that, is asking for a rerack not good enough? Thanks for the updates btw
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    Places to play in SW Louisiana

    Haha this is he
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    Places to play in SW Louisiana

    White diamonds opens at 12 on Sunday's, not sure about the other days, 3 or 4 maybe. Emeralds opens around 4 I believe, the other places I don't even bother to walk thru the doors
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    Places to play in SW Louisiana

    I doubt you will find much if any action in the earlier hours. I am open to some action but couldn't get to a poolhall til about 6. I usually play out of emerald billiards
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    Van Boening v. Bustamante 8 ball

    Have you ever watched the gambling that takes place in the Philippines? With all the roosters crowing, motorcycles cruising by and people yelling, I doubt something as simple as taking off a glove will shark busty
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    Ever win or lose by a "Lucky Shot"

    Playing a buddy of mine in an 8 ball tournament I come up short for position on my last ball before the 8. I study the table for a while but couldn't find a shot, finally I decide to just fire the ball dead straight, stop my cue ball for perfect position on the 8 hoping my final ball will find a...
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    Efren Reyes vs Scott Frost - Who do you like?

    What a shot by efren to steal that game from Scott, it looked as if Efren played the winning bank way to the right waiting for it to drift in! He had a really good bank at it, no chance he hits it that bad
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    Big truck

    Seems pretty obvious in the video that the only time Ray touched the phone was when it was streaming the only table that he asked her not to stream. Ray even says go stream any other table but mine, buffalos has something like 30 tables? Seems pretty easy to do
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    One pocket WWYD

    Didn't see the ball behind his hand so it would be bank 14, 2 rail whatever that ball is behind his hand then shoot the spot shot
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    One pocket WWYD

    Depending on what the angle would be if I just stopped the 6 I would either stop off of the 6 or draw to the rail for a better angle to play the 5 come out 1 rail for the 8, 2 rails to the 15, 1 or 2 rails in between the 7 and the side to the 11, then It is shoot the seven and bank the 14 then...
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    PPV November 13-15 White Diamond Billiards Super 9 Ball

    Cannot get the stream to come up
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    PPV November 13-15 White Diamond Billiards Super 9 Ball

    Should be playing matches for 3 maybe sooner
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    PPV November 13-15 White Diamond Billiards Super 9 Ball

    If u don't enjoy watching this man do an auction then u really don't enjoy pool all that much..... Chris Miller is what makes the tournament the best bar table tournament in the WORLD
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    The Cajun Classic October 3rd & 4th Free stream

    Stream has been off air twice?
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    Accu stats make it happen updates

    They still playing?