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    8 ball barroom rules questions

    And they hate it if you play a safety. I guess you're supposed to leave them a good shot whenever you miss.
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    Another observation: PSR

    Yes, lack of confidence or trying too hard to control, causes a lot of suffering. I remember when I was taking piano lessons, I knew how to read the music and I knew the notes on the keyboard, but I was thinking so hard to keep from making mistakes, it sometimes seemed as though my hands...
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    Can a player hit down ?

    While on this subject, why is a double hit a fowl? What I'm wondering is, what advantage does double hitting the cue ball give a player that would need a double hit to be classified as a fowl?
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    Who can make my shaft with a pro taper?

    I had Seibert's Billiards Supply in Coldwater, Michigan do three of them for me and reduce them down to 12.25 diameter, they did a great job.
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    Str8aim training device...............

    I use a Mason jar and never hit the sides.
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    What does pumping the cue over and over up in the air before their shot do for the pros?

    Kind of like a batter swinging at air prior to batting, or a runner jogging in place at a red light. Keep that rhythm going. Also, to get your mind right as to speed and shot alignment before getting down on the shot.
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    Predator sneaky Pete’s ain’t no sneaky pete

    I have a sneaky Pete cue made by Action that I bought on Amazon for $75. It plays great. I’m not trying to fool anyone, though it does look exactly like a house cue. I bought it because I wanted an inexpensive but nice 2 piece cue, I could take some places without worrying about it. I put a...
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    Crazy amount of practice

    If you really enjoy gaining new skills and honing current ones, you can look forward to practice sessions without any feelings of drudgery. And that time flies.
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    Winner Breaks..

    How about loser breaks?
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    Lefties vs Righties

    I do everything right handed except shoot pool and rifles. I can't shoot left handed with a mechanical bridge, I have to switch over to the right. My right hand is stronger and steadier. When I shoot a rifle, it's my right arm that does the work, steadying etc., the left hand just pulls the...
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    Seyberts Billiards - Has anyone ever had any work done with them

    I've had them turn down three shafts, a cheap ($70) sneaky pete and two Lucasi shafts. They do excellent work.
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    Do you know where he lives? Is it possible to pay him a visit in person?
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    Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

    I got the combo. It's a great tool.
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    Why are pool balls round?

    Who ever thought of using round balls on a rectangular table must have been high. Everyone knows it should be square balls on a round table.
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    Rambo in front of a pool table

    I'm assuming, since he portrayed a U.S war hero, that the knife is made in the U.S., he doesn't say. Or what kind of blade steel was used.
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    How to level a pool table when the floor you have it on moves

    How is the floor moving?
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    To all of the people complaining about others not wearing masks or social distancing, I shouldn't hear any of you say you are not going to get the vaccine. Now that we have an effective and safe way to end this pandemic and get the country going again it would be very irresponsible and selfish...
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    Cue Lost - USPS Shipping - Who's Responsible??

    Not sure what your liability is, but a word of caution about buying USPS insurance. If you do have a claim, you have to prove that what you what you have the claim in for is what you actually shipped. Also, you must prove the value of the item, if it's used or custom made good luck getting an...
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    Opponent on Cell Phone - Disrespectful ?

    If they're talking on the phone within earshot so you have to listen to the conversation while you're shooting, that's rude and thoughtless. If they step away from the playing area and make or take a quick call, ok, but they should not be holding up the game. If they're out of the way and...