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    Check out the discovery channel right now!

    I think Strickland was providing the expert guidance..
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    How Do You Run Out Here? (3)

    Great solution. I wish I had thought of it...
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    Old People Hate The Measle Ball

    Who's that guy right next to McCready's left elbow near the US Open sign? I forgot his name... Thanks...
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    squirt robot results

    I love stuff like this. Keep up the good work. It's an important job separating myth from reality...
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    Medical Insurance for Pool Players and Billiard Related Businesss

    Hey Mike, I'm an actuary who works in health insurance. $400 sounds about right for that kind of plan and your age group. In general, premiums are heavily dependent on geography and I'm not really familiar with your area so it's hard to tell. (i.e. if you live in Manhattan, it's probably...
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    I'm on this FOUL !!! thing-

    Here's the rule from the BCA website 3.42 DEVICES Players are not allowed to use a ball, the triangle or any other width-measuring device to see if the cue ball or an object ball would travel through a gap, etc. Only the cue stick may be used as an aid to judge gaps or as an aid to...
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    Eberle vs. Dominguez at Hard Times

    Does anyone know what the races are?
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    what is a keno board ? I'll tell you.

    When I used to play this game out of Country Club in Chelmsford, MA, this is the way we used to play it. And I completely agree with everything Watchez said. It's critical to hit the ball with the correct speed, angle, and spin. I don't think he mentioned this, but there are also certain...
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    Recommend a Shot

    Yeah. When I played the long kick, I actually thought I'd have a better chance to get behind the 9 if I came into the 8 at a steeper angle. So I played it with right english and ended up missing the ball completely. At a steeper angle, I may have a better chance to get behind the 9, but I'm...
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    Recommend a Shot

    yeah, that's kinda what I settled on. (I think it's also CigarDave's recommendation). When I would hit directly into the ball, this is what would happen. (Maybe my original cuetable diagram is a little off, but it's a very thin cut into the 8.) I think the induced spin on the 8 from hitting...
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    Recommend a Shot

    I've had this situation come up a couple times in the last month and I really haven't decided what the best play is. It usually comes up when the opponent is playing safe. The game is 9 ball and you can barely clip the right side of the 8. I've been leaning towards kicking at the 8 hitting...
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    Since we're bringing up old threads, did this site go down? Anybody know what happened to it?
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    What is that

    Forgot to mention it's on page 7
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    What is that Great site...
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    Lessons in Nine Ball

    I wasn't aware that you had a nine ball book out, I was only aware of the upcoming 14.1 book. How do we get your 9-ball book? And any comments on how it's different than, say Byrne's books or Phil Cappelle's book on 9 ball?
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    The adventurous life of my first custom cue...

    My first custom cue was a red dot Bludworth (not custom built for me, just my first non-production cue.) It was stolen outta my car (not even near a pool hall, so somebody probably thought it was $20.) :mad: Anyway, that was damn fine hitting cue...
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    SVB vs Corey in-game thread

    Just out of curiosity, what could Shane be doing that would violate the rules? (other than the obvious...) Thanks for posting the scores...
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    Jay Helfert Movie

    with 40%, you might be able to upgrade to a vFerrari... that was so hilarious!!!!
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    How would you attack this?

    I was watching the John Schmidt - Thomas Engert video on and it looked like they followed this rule of thumb. Interestingly, it looked like Engert played for the straighter shot and John played for the more severe cut. I wonder if it's a different school of strategy. (I'm...
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    New pool game

    Not to hijack your post, but do you own Danny K's just off Katella? If so, it's a very nice pool room, with some nice tables, and some very nice waitresses... the tournament director is very nice as well...