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    Pros today vs the pros yesterday

    Well in 14.1 it's not how man balls can you run, it's who you run them against. Crane 150 and out vs Balsis in the FINALS Sigel 150 and out vs Zuglan with only 4 left on winners side. As SJM knows, Zuglan proceeded to move to the one loss side and eliminate Ray Martin with a run of 148! Now...
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    Spanish Open, June 2023, from Matchroom

    And just to show they are listening, DAZN has raised their monthly subscription rate by 25%! :cool:
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    Spanish Open, June 2023, from Matchroom

    The big news is Mr Wu is finally back, I hope. He's such a talent and a joy to watch.
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    Matchroom Strikes Again – UK Open a Smash Hit !

    I think you're right, but Billy I was excellent at this. He wouldn't bore you to death with position play on every shot, but after the break he would immediately point out the problem balls and how to play shape if the player expected to get out.
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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    Lot of empty seats. I think England has poorest attendance. Matchroom had better crowds in Germany.
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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    They are both getting tighter the longer this goes on. Agony to watch.
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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    I watched the Scottish Open and it was great. Shaw beat Ralph hill/hill and then Zelinski hill/hill in finals. Great matches and tournement.
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    Look Wu's back !

    It's GREAT to see him back. (y)
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    More MR events in USA would generate more live fan attendance. How about Reno? SRO 2.0
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    Pool in Peru Report

    Don't hike. Take the train, much nicer and more fun. :cool:
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    Tony Ellin

    Tremendous talent. His break was simply awesome.
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    World 10-ball

    That was STRONG. Kaci took down SVB, Filler, and FSR. A true champion! 👏
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    World 10-ball

    Please NOT Jim Wych 😞
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    Las Vegas Open 10-ball

    That must be why he's in last 16! LOL
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    The Shot Maker

    Parica was awesome shot maker. Billy Incardona said the same thing and thought Sigel and Parica were in the same class.
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    The Shot Maker

    Sigel. "No one shoots straighter than Mike Sigel." - Buddy Hall.
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    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    Well........I think Majors would have to include the International, Chinese Open for starters. Golf and Tennis have 4 Majors, but Pool is a bit more fluid. For years I didn't really think of the World 9Ball as a Major, but it's definitely a major now. I would love to see World 8 and 10 Ball...
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    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    Jay I did see him in his prime, and you're right when he was in the groove he was great. But when he wasn't - careless mistakes, whining, complaining, etc. Not my favorite player to watch.
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    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    And made lots of careless errors too! Look at Shaw at the end of the Morra match! I like the Chess Clock idea for Pool. Most players have good tempo and only take time on difficult shots or difficult decisions. Watch Melling - he has a good tempo, but takes his time when needed. Frankly...
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    Mike Dechaine DCC

    Not sure I would agree. I saw him play before he "retired" and he was a good player but not in the Upper Echelon tier of players. He definitely was world class when it came to racking! :cool: