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    Hurricanes Suck

    We are about to be slammed!!!
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    who makes the best playing cue???

    I owned a lambros ... Didn't work for me. Gave it to a buddy Best playing cues were: Schon(original predator shaft pre cat) BDCue Cem.
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    Cyclops balls Amazon
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    How to play this shot:

    X2 Worked on my olhausen
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    CEM cue

    Hi. I am interested in a cue from this maker. Any reviews on hit feel quality etc?
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    Shaft Diameter

    I am wondering what role does shaft diameter play in deflection? If the diameter is reduced does the deflection reduce?
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    Reducing tip diameter

    Can a Lambros LD shaft be safely turned down to around 12-12.25mm diameter?
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    Lambros cues

    Cue 78 from Haven't taken any photos yet
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    my Apa Team is going to vegas

    I agree. Why should people donate so that you can have fun with your girl. If you can't afford it save for it for next time. Remember heaven helps those who help themselves
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    Lambros cues

    Finally received my Lambros cue this evening. Got it from Martin at superior cues. He was ok to deal with. Hit a few racks with it and then put it away. The cue plays very well. It is a bit heavier than my normal playing weight. I'll be able to give a better review after I've shot more with it...
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    BD cues

    Your new cue is nice!!:thumbup:
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    Lambros vs BD Cue

    Thanks for the replies
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    Lambros vs BD Cue

    I recently switched to a BD cue from a predator. I liked the hit and stopped playing with the pred. I was able to purchase a Lambros and should receive it by the end of the week. Can anyone tell me if there is an appreciable difference in the play between the two? I guess what I'm trying to...
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    Cue Recommendation...

    I agree He made a cue for me and it jas become my daily player I no longer use my predators. If you're looking for a cue check him out
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    Thinking about buying a custom

    x2 I got mine a few weeks ago. Very good playing cue, Best I've been shooting for a while. Don't think it's new cueitis either:D
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    Room between tables

    Easy to work out. If the tables are 7 foot tables. The same distance that is required from the walls is what is required between tables. I would guess around 5 feet between rails:thumbup:
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    More on UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips

    Ultraskin Tips I purchased a few of these from Tom. I've not had any bad reviews as yet. Does it really matter if he makes them himself? They play good and are not expensive. All that matters to me.
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    Deciding on a cue

    I'm hoping The hit on both of Them are similar to the Predators ( not much adjustment) as that's what I've been using for the last dozen yeas or so. Different makers predator shafts. Full predators for about 8 years or so I don't want to take the Lambros to my local pool hall. I'll use it at...
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    FS: New Samsara Break Jumps JB04 Leather/ JB03 Wrapless-Cocobolo Rings AZB Special

    Are these cues able to adjust up to 20 oz?