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    Shipping Problem?

    I've shipped 1,000's of items (not pool related) by Priority Mail and never had one get lost...knock on wood. Never had a significant delay either....sure on very rare occasions it may have taken more than 3 or 4 days. I ALWAYS pay for and print my USPS shipping/address labels online.
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    Dennis Orcollo contract

    Seedy businesses deals/contracts around pool halls.....such a shock. What is his other business? Managing strippers?
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    Ban John French from the commentary booth-PETITION

    Big deal. I had more people in my high school graduating class than watched the stream. What do you expect? Al Michaels?
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    If you won Powerball would you make a pro tour?

    Sure after I helped out all the other needy people
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    History of the IPT

    The IPT wasn't a sustainable business model. In fact it wasn't a business at all. Just a pathological crook who has made a career out of bamboozling people that wanted to feel like a big guy by funding a sport that had no funding to speak of. The prize money was way in excess of what it was...
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    Pool Is A Product Too

    Problem is snooker is more equivalent to poker or blackjack Pool is more like the slots. What kinda of interest would the general public have on gambling on a smash and run game like 9 or 10 ball? They can see that played in the bars every night by decent players...WITH JOBS...not gonna impress...
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    You tube is robbing pool players

    Hey, about 8 years ago I posted a video of my 9 year old nephew running a backhoe which has 1000's of views now. Where's my loot you lowlife youtube scammers!
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    You-tube ripping us off must read

    Sounds like somebody wants to be the Twitch of pool? Good luck with that considering the huge difference in audience size of gamers vs pool watchers. On any given night there are likely 1,000s of game streams going with varying audience sizes some quite large. Even with only a few pool streams...
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    You-tube ripping us off must read

    What makes pool a special case on youtube? Seriously I don't get this at all. Thinking youtube is harming pool as a career choice is pretty out there.
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    You-tube ripping us off must read

    Point is that if it wasn't on youtube nobody would see it anyhow.....the only reason the vids get views is because of youtube. Put it somewhere else and it will drop 99.9% in a sudden hurry. How are you going to monetize that?
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    You-tube ripping us off must read

    Nobody is making enough money to pay the pool players anything. Ask the streamers on this site. If the players demand money no big deal. They won't get uploaded...problem solved
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    You-tube ripping us off must read

    This thread is so full of naivete its almost hilarious.
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    You-tube ripping us off must read

    Like Youtube/Google would really care if pool videos were off the site? It's not a flea speck on their radar. something special about pool vs other hobbys I'm missing?
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    Jay Helfert

    People expect a lot from basically amateur announcers. Announcing and commentary on an internet pool stream isn't exactly a lucrative position. What is the "pay"? Complimentary rooms and food?
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    Dear Hard Times...

    They call it Hard Times for a reason
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    Cement floor covering help

    These threads always make me think of Jeff Foxworthy...sorry couldn't help myself
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    Alex runs 234

    With the vast difference in true sponsor ADDED money in snooker tournaments worldwide compared to pool, I'd say there are a million reasons for the best pool players to play snooker if they could. What reason would the best snooker players in the world have to concentrate on pool? I never get...
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    Beware of rcgray he left me hanging

    Bottom line. Don't print shipping labels before hand. USPS, at least requires them to be used the date stated on the label. They can easily be cancelled if a problem arises. Then you simply print a new one, or don't ship at all. This thread is just seems to be about a couple days...
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    AZB Money List??? Fight Night

    "Fight Night" fuzzy math at its best. It's hilarious to even refer to "entry fees" on these so called "fight night" things. Get real...nobody falls for that....whoops apparently somebody does.
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    Ko Pin Yi sponsored by Ferrari?

    It's not ethical, so yes they are shady and it's not like they can't afford to buy the real thing anyway. I think it's ridiculous...kinda like wearing a fake Piaget. China itself is shady. You aren't very likely to see a Chinese man wearing authentic licensed apparel...of course it's not...