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    Nova for sale or trade

    I should add it's a 60" cue and I think it's a 20 not 100% on that
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    Cue I got for cheap

    Thanks guys I got it for under 100 figured a could get 4-5 trade value out of it
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    Cue I got for cheap

    It's straight
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    Cue I got for cheap

    Anyone know what this is worth I plan to trade or sell I listed it already just want to make sure I am getting a good deal
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    Nova for sale or trade

    Don't know a ton about this cue or what it's worth hoping to trade for a j/b or a nice case. Make an offer.
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    Nova question

    I sent pics to nice az'er who is gonna post em
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    Nova question

    Does someone want to give me an email I can send pics too, I cant post these at all :frown:
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    Nova question

    Picked up a nova for 150 anyone know what these are worth I can post pictures when I get home
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    The Secret of the Most Powerful Shot

    Every time I read your posts I damn near shoot some kind of beverage out my nose. Thank you very much you have provided me with. A reason to lol for a few days
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    Will Diamonds replace Valleys?

    So the bar I play out of has a new valley, plays and looks like a diamond I asked the owner for a diamond (he is a friend) neways apa teams are losing their minds, I just keep saying that won't fall here anymore
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    Help a player learn/pay forward/help pool grow/share your story of help here.

    i like this I dont post on here often more of a reader. I have been playing pool like most people on this site since i had to push a beer box around the table i grew up with a 10' snooker table i am not the best shot on in the world but far from the worst. I play some in house bca leagues a...
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    Billiard Patches

    When I put apa patches all over my Whitten I used 10 second epoxy that way they never come off ................. lmao please dont do this
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    Insurance Ripoffs...

    to help make this thread legitimate i dislike the jack pack. I really dont care either way just felt like it should be here too like the rest of the forum
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    stuff to remind my noobies about APA at states

    The question I always ask and never get an answer, what if I shoot with a jump cue the entire match broken down and all could I use it to jump.with cause technically its my player at that point
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    JB stoops to new lows

    THIS MADE MY DAY. Thanks jb and I dont care what sewn on tag you put on your case when I am ready you'll be building my custom.
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    Get a Free JB Case - Design the New Shoulder Strap

    I always though I thick heavy padded strap to go cross.chest and hold the cue on an angle cross the back would be great had a backpack in college like that and I loved it
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    APA Ailments- VENT

    What state are you from apa operator? You sound like you are on top of it probably run a tight ship
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    Cue Weight - What Do You Prefer?

    15.5-16.5 For breaking and shooting. Can't stand holding a brick to shoot with
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    my son

    I hope my son is like this as well. I know all I wanted to do is play with my dad when I was little I hope he is the same way
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    my son

    yeah me too, there is a pfd on one side and a Frey sneaky on the other but who am i to criticize his choice in cues right. Glad he choose what he did or i wouldn't have been able to share this.