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    Very Silly Question

    I have my cues in a nice case that I bought. Is it better to leave the case standing straight up or lay it down? I know this is a weird question. Just was wandering which would decrease the chance of warpage for the cues. Thanks, Red
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    Meucci M-16

    My prized Meucci M-16 got stolen out of my garage last week. I was wandering if anybody has one for sale? It was based off of David Howard's Giant Killer.
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    To engrave or to not engrave...that is the question

    Thank many decisions.....Particularly the shaft diameter and Kamui clear medium or Kamui black medium....
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    To engrave or to not engrave...that is the question

    Gotcha...point taken....thanks for helping me make my decision of No....
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    To engrave or to not engrave...that is the question

    Im just curious as to why?
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    To engrave or to not engrave...that is the question

    Finally made all my decisions on the cue except one. Should I get a Predator Sport Wrap 2 engraved? Here is a page of examples. Engraving Options ............ I realize that it will not be returnable or really sellable. The only place I can get it done would be horizontally right under the...
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    Schon Value?

    Was wandering if anyone would know the value of this used Schon thats in great condition? Its about two years old and in perfect shape. It has a Kamui Medium tip. Thanks!! Re
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    Does anybody know what this cue might be worth?

    [URL= 2003 / Never chalked and its a McDermott Thanks in advance!!
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    Shaft Stripped?

    It doesnt appear that the shaft threads are turning. Wish I had another shaft to try...Hopefully it can be fixed
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    Shaft Stripped?

    Looks like a brass insert...
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    Shaft Stripped?

    I have a pre-dot Meucci shaft that seems to be stripped. It just wont tighten. Anybody ever experienced this? Im so disappointed. Thanks, Red
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    Kamui Tips

    Wow...had no a soft tip will progressively get hard? Thanks, Red
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    Kamui Tips

    Hello, I was wandering what yalls experience is between a medium and soft tip. I often hit the ball hard and was wandering if a soft would help? Also, having trouble with my draw so thinking that the soft would be better. I understand that the soft grips the ball more....(which I dont know...
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    Meucci M-16 Production Dates

    Meucci M-16 Production Dates Anybody Know??
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    Most Economical Way To Mail A Stick?

    Was wandering if there are any tips or tricks to mailing a cue. Are there any flat postage boxes that anyone uses? Last time I shipped, it was like 33 bucks? Gotta be a easier way. I think UPS just came out with some flat rate. Thanks, Red
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    Break Tip

    Thanks everyone for your valuable input. I think im just gonna leave it as it is. Maybe will chance in the future
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    Break Tip

    Im fixing to buy the Predator BK Rush break stick. I know little to nothing about tips. Was wandering if someone could suggest a tip upgrade for the stick? It comes stock with a BK Hybrid Tip. I would not be opposed to keeping that one if its suggested to do so. Any suggestions on a break...
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    Dragon Slayer or Dragon Killer

    I got a question for the professionals: What is the difference in names for the DH-4 , M-19 and the current HOF-7 Meucci based off of David Howard? I have heard the names of Slayer and Killer on all these? I am so confused but would like to the story straight. Thanks, Red
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    Wanted : David Howard Giant Killer

    Wanted : David Howard Giant Killer I am looking for a all original. This is not the m-16 or Hof Giant Slayer Please PM if you know if anyone selling. Thanks, Red