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    Predator Revo 12.9 Uni-loc

    What condition is it in?
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    Weight bolt too heavy

    WildWing, you are correct! Prather sells a flat head bolt. My McDermott has a small shoulder on the bolt head. I could trim the flat head bolt with a file to fit. Just need a lead to where I can buy one.
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    Weight bolt too heavy

    Just checked Prather's web site. Their aluminum bolt is 2" long. Minimum length needed, 2-1/2" will just engage the butts internal threads. Thanks for the suggestion of an aluminum weight bolt.
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    Weight bolt too heavy

    I have a 20.5 oz McDermott cue that I find too heavy. With the 3/8"-16 X 3" long steel weight removed, I stroke better with it. Here is my question... does a weight bolt serve a dual purpose, by also retaining the butt cap? Note: The internal threads for the weight bolt starts deep within...
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    Good shape Palmer in RI area

    Take a look Members have an open invitation to come to Providence, RI to inspect and play a few racks with my cue. Come by with the intention of not buying it. I am certain you will share my opinion that this Original Palmer cue is without a doubt, fantastic in every way. Will only grow in...