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    Barioni Cue ... 6 months review

    I have been using my Barioni cue for just a little over six months and am giving an updated review. My original review can be found at this link To sum it up in a nutshell this cue is frigging awesome. It has improved my game...
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    Fixing a mushroomed tip

    After you have shaped the tip and sanded to make it smooth simply saturate the side of the tip with super glue being careful not to get glue on the surface of the tip or on the ferrule. Have been doing this with all my tips for the last 20 years and have had no problems with mushrooming since.
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    Outsville Ki-Tech Single Layered Tips

    Could you check to see if you received my order for the sample pack? Sent a payment on Monday using my wife's Paypal account then left you a PM here on azb with the shipping details. Thanks
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    Outsville Ki-Tech Single Layered Tips

    Is the sample pack still available? I've been looking for a decent single layer tip that plays with the same consistency that good layered tips provide.
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    Barioni Number Two

    From Barioni Cues website it says "The nubbin at the end of the cue helps you hold on to the cue for those stretched out shots and also aids in a shockwave dampening system.". As I primarily shoot on bar tables I haven't found a use for the nubbin as I don't have to stretch for shots. As for...
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    Barioni Number Two

    I have a Jack Justice case and both cues fit in the case without a problem with the big end down. I have joint protectors for the cue pictured below and I cannot use them for this case. The reason is because I ordered the cue and shaft longer than normal and with the joint protectors on they...
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    Barioni Number Two

    Started to reply to your comment in a negative fashion because of it's implication but just in case your question is sincere and not a troll let me be clear ... I did not receive any remuneration for my completely unsolicited post. If I was not thoroughly impressed with my new cue(s) I would...
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    Barioni Number Two

    I got my first Barioni LD cue just a little under two months ago and I have to say I was very impressed with it. I was so impressed with it that I jumped when I got the chance to get a second cue from John without having to wait up to a year and a half to have one built from scratch. I have...
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    Your experience with: [Predator Cues and / or Shaft]

    Got a predator sneaky pete when they first came out in the mid 90's and a 314 shaft for my Schon not long after. I tried an OB1 but couldn't shoot quite as good with it as I could with the 314. Changed to the 314-2 shaft with a 12.3 mm tip when it came available which for me shot a little...
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    New Cue, Anyone Else Do This?

    If you use english much it can be difficult to adjust to another cue mainly because of the difference in squirt between your original cue and the new one. Replacing the tip on the new cue to match your old cue often helps quite a bit. Try to play close to vertical center as possible till you...
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    Techniques generating a more powerful break (greater than 22MPH) ...Anyone?

    You rotate your shoulder forward in line with the shot. Don't keep rotating it past the line.
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    Techniques generating a more powerful break (greater than 22MPH) ...Anyone?

    If you square your shoulders to the shot you will lose the speed gained by rotating your shoulder forward which could amount up to 10% or more of total forward momentum.
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    Techniques generating a more powerful break (greater than 22MPH) ...Anyone?

    Start slow and gradually build up speed as your technique improves. When stroking bring your tip all the way back to your bridge hand on each stroke. After you have set your aim start rising slowly before starting your contact stroke. As the contact stroke begins shift your focus to...
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    Techniques generating a more powerful break (greater than 22MPH) ...Anyone?

    If you want more speed on your break it's a simple matter of lengthening the radius between the tip of your cue and the pivot point on your arm that you use to move the cue. As an extreme example to illustrate the principle visualize a point on the surface of the earth and another point at the...
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    AZB!! Has any one of you played with a Barioni cue??

    I play with one of John's cue's which I just received less than a month ago. I have played with a custom Schon since 1984 with a Predator shaft added in the 90's. It is the only cue of many that I have tried since I added the Predator shaft to my Schon that I didn't have to adjust my aim when...
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    BCA National - Dress Code

    How about cargo shorts which basically have 2 extra pockets. Are they allowed?
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    Willie Mosconi would have turned 100 today. Do you have any stories?

    Willie was doing an exhibition in Tempe AZ at what was billed as "All Around Tavern Billiards National Championship" during the month of October 1986 the same weekend that The Color of Money was released. Keith McCready played in and won the tournament. I was fortunate enough to get to play a...
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    Any tips on determining the angle of a shot?

    Visualize the line from center of object ball to desired point of impact(usually pocket) and a second line(tangent line) at 90 degrees to the first line. Visually bisect(divide by 2) the 90 degree angle formed by the 2 lines using your cue as a guide if necessary and you will have the 45 degree...
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    Pool table rails and felt

    If you are playing league or tournaments on green skin tables go with the Mercury but if you are going to BCA in Vegas go with the Simonis. Mercury is really fast for the first month but eventually slows down enough to keep speed more in line with most bar tables. Simonis is more expensive...
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    Playing opposite handed

    One of the things that helped me learn to play opposite handed(left in my case) was to do every thing I could using my left hand. I brush my teeth, comb my hair, shave, eat and every thing else I can do using my left hand. It was a little odd at first but quickly became second nature and...