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    Who is the most underrated cue maker on your opinion?

    I have to agree with Freddy. KENT DAVIS. Had him over to the house a couple of weeks ago and got to play with ( he hopes) his personnel playing cue. Pretty impressive and he's a really nice guy.
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    PREDATOR PK 3 Revo 12.9

    thanks Abe. Talk to wed.
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    PREDATOR PK 3 Revo 12.9

    PREDATOR 9K 3 Revo 12.9 Wanted. I have a very ill friend that is looking for a predator 9K 3 with a 12.9 Revo shaft. Where would be the best place to purchase one and maybe a price. New would be good also a used one in good condition....Thanks Rick.
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    Presale: Carbon Fiber Empty Tube Blank

    i'll take a 12.8. what next. send paypal.
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    Abe rich photo

    I had two like that one. Sold one. Wish i hadn't.
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    502 Bad Gateway Messages

    i just had the same problem. i logged out and then logged in. presto fixed.
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    Good looking cue Pat. Good luck with sale.
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    Thoughts on Clear coat over maple shafts

    and i repeat no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!
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    magic chalk. try it you won't go back.
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    Sold BobCue Bob Renis

    not a bob cue. he never ever put an s on his cues ever.
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    Tips, ferrules, and micro mesh, Great Deal!!!

    and if jaybrown falls through i'll take them all.
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    Help id Old cue

    i agree. looks like one of Abes.
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    My custom case

    I have the same case. They make nice cases in Russia don't they. I love the case but i never bring it anywhere. It's just too nice. Congrats on a beautiful case.
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    what cue wax do you recommend

    i agree with qbilder.
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    Looking to buy

    I have one. Rick 760 419 9005. I'm in cali. Make offer.
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    Butt pin and shaft problem

    Sure sounds like a piloted 5\16 x 18 joint to me. Take to your cue builder and have it faced off.
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    SIB Tip Sale

    money sent by paypal. thanks a lot Tom.
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    SIB Tip Sale

    OK Tom I've been waiting for this. 20 pro 20 medium. That's 20 for $70.00 How should i pay. ok paypal sent. thanks a lot Tom.
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    Pulling out short break butt out of 2x4 ??

    go to your local home depot and buy a 1 1/2 inch metal washer and put between joint protector and butt. fixed.