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    Should I buy my own cue or just stick with the house ones...

    Hi, I'm a beginner player and just started in the APA league. I've been using the house cues since I've started but they aren't in the greatest condition because they've been used for years. Mostly everyone on my team uses their own cue, as well as membrers of the opposing team. I'm by no means...
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    IndyQ, the worst customer service response ever...

    Sounds like someone who is mentally unstable and thinks you're "out to get him" or something. I don't know anything about this guy but from reading your posts, you haven't done anything to start his nonsense.
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    New to the forum

    Hi all, I've recently joined the APA league because I really enjoy the sport. However, I'm more of a beginner than I thought. Out of every game I play I'm really lucky to win one. I started as an SL4 but after two weeks of bad games I will drop down to an SL2. It's very intimidating as the rest...
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    Test 5 6 7
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    New forum rules regarding posting of links

    I'm trying to post but it's giving me an error stating that I can't post links until I have 5 posts, but it's not allowing me to post! Help!!