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    Live Derby City Classic Arena with Accu-Stats <<==={{{{{

    Buffering has gone away. Looking good!
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    Derby City Classic Early Bird coming soon<<<===={{{{{

    **Disregard, my headphones are junk.** Thanks! Can you please turn the volume up? Thanks!
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    2016 US Open 9-Ball, Accu-Stats PPV and INFO <<<==={{{{{

    Thank God I only bought the day pass. Unwatchable.
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    Justin Bergman slow playing

    Justin will probably read this thread and speed up his play.
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    PPV - May 6,7 & 8th Professional 8 Ball Carom Room Spring Classic

    You will enjoy every bit of it! Ray's streams are top notch!
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    Places to play in Sarasota, Fl??

    Good ole Livingston's!
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    Do any of you guys know of Mike Dunklin? How good was he in his prime?

    I believe Mike still lives in the Bloomington area. Great guy!
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    What happened to Robb Saez?

    LOL this post is slowly getting better by the minute!
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    travel costs and expenses...

    ^^ Agree 110%.
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    Good afternoon, I would just like to take a moment and give a shout out to Ray and PoolActionTV for the amazing product they continue to put forward. Having viewed countless streams, I can ALWAYS count on Ray to bring in top players/tournaments, top commentating, (many times from pro players...
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    Mr. Olinger

    Personally, I thought your commentating was excellent!
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    My opinion Take it or Leave it

    So you would leave Bergman off? And have someone from another country play? LOL
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    Air stroking....

    Is this a real post?! LOL
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    No ESPN3 replay of yesterday's MC

    Both days have been on ESPN3; however, yesterday's match had lots of action cut out of it. I was certainly disappointed.
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    No Mosconi Spoilers Please

    BeiberLvr, I assume you are watching the replay on ESPN3? I know I have done this in the past, but can't recall what time the replay is available for viewing. I assume you can watch any time after the day's play has completed? Thanks!
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    Mosconi Cup 2015 - If You Can't Get ESPN3

    Bare with me if I am incorrect, but I do believe if you are wanting to watch via desktop or pc, all you need to do is have an account with ESPN. (free) Why don't you sign up for ESPN and try watching a football game or something today to make sure it works. Once you have your account, simply go...