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    Classic match Q. What cue did Nick Varner use during this match?

    Fun facts also in the video: - Our beloved Jay Helfert appears in this video and does a trick shot! - Buddy Hall is also in the video & looks very slim. - Jim Rimpe is also in the video and appears too elegant. - There are some magazine ads from the 80s which are funny to watch especially now...
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    Classic match Q. What cue did Nick Varner use during this match?

    I saw the match because I love this era. - You could see that Earl the pearl was very young here plus he's using a Meucci....Also you can notice that here is when TV started to open its eyes on pool and 9ball evident by the ads put in the middle of the table like this, it was funny. Here's a...
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    Go-Custom CF SHAFT users? Is revo closer to this, or cynergy?

    If you have tried go-custom before as well as Revo & Cynergy. I know it is a lot to ask but even if you've tried it from friends. Would you say that Go-custom is closer to the feel & playability of a Revo, or it's closer to a Cynergy? I don't want to say the reason for my question, maybe I'll...
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    This game called billiard and you don’t need a cue

    I remember playing this with my dad since I was a little child. I’m not as good as this guy but it’s similar to pocket billiard and we call it billiard also some countries call it Carom. Not sure if you guys know it or not so i decided to share...
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    Sold Brand new playing custom Steve Lomax cues “Merry widows” sort of.

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    Anyone know this site? I want to buy a cue from it

    Lesson learnt. Next time doesn't matter the distance ill stick to 1) Seyberts. 2) Billiardwarehouse. 3) Ebay - only cause they are REQUIRED to ship within one day. It's been one more than 9 days since my order and I haven't even received an email, no shipment out, no email, no communication...
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    Open- or closed-bridge hand and gloves?

    I think because there's not much aiming and mostly feel....but thats just a guess I am not a carom player.
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    Open- or closed-bridge hand and gloves?

    Go back years ago when he used the wood shaft, he used open bridge 98% of the shots Joshua that is. Also I noted that Fedor Gorst uses open-bridge for 98% of the shots too. Jayson Shaw also 98% with open bridge. Chang always 98% open bridge. I can list more, I feel that doing the same thing...
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    Considering a carbon fiber shaft for my Adam cue. Brands to look at??

    Revo or Cuetec, don't look any other way trust me........ill justify even Why Revo? Because they're the founders of technology, they mastered it and I also think it's the best CF play-wise subjectively. Why Cuetec? Because evidently to me whenever I see a player uses this CF his game...
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    Anyone know this site? I want to buy a cue from it

    It’s been time since the above posting and still not email confirmation of shipping or nothing that I receive should I be concerned. I’m going out of London in next 10 days and I was hoping for a site with quick response or shipping. I emailed them personally but nothing back.
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    Look like a pretty Big draw shot.

    I always have the impression that draw and spin in general is more pronounced in 3C table than it is in our normal 9ball table. I don't think if its the build or the cloth or perhaps both! Just a guess, never played on 3C table but I can see it being easier to spin there.
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    Matchroom Major Event-European Open (8-13 Aug), Fulda, Winner $30K Prizefund $200K

    I was literally yelling when the match is over the following.... "PLEASE DONT GO UP THE TABLE, PLEASE DONT GO UP THE TABLE........." I said it maybe 4 times, he didn't and I was very happy, then he went to hug Sanshez then I saw Sanshez pointing at the top of the table like he's telling him go...
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    Molinari Gloves

    Molinari is Predator, Predator is Molinari - Want Molinari gloves? buy Predator gloves. It's essentially the same company just one more focused on Europe, the other is world wide.
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    True or False

    100% true, I see him more than I see my wife. (Thats how much pool I watch on youtube).
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    Practice practice practice

    I feel for you because I was on the same boat with that linen cloth on the shaft. With wood you either need to wear gloves or put powders, alternatively this is another solution which is a linen material wrapped around the shaft. Because lets face it wood is very sticky especially with sweaty...
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    Anyone know this site? I want to buy a cue from it

    I ordered jos102 and cynergy shaft with a case for them… with same joint pin of cynergy to that of the joss. By matching I don’t mean ringwork or anything I just mean to see if the diameter and pin fits and sits flush perfectly.
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    Anyone know this site? I want to buy a cue from it

    I went by your recommendation and ordered from double Dave. He got the cue that I wanted and he’s in Europe. But I haven’t received any email to confirm shipping. I’m not freaking out or something but first time ordering from double Dave. Always been a seyberts and billiardwarehouse guy...
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    Johnathan Hennessey

    Lets be honest USA don't have enough good players, we're not in the 90's no more. You got Shane, one, unless Fedor is USA now then you have three. Maybe one more guy who's been hiding for 3-4 yrs now, he's called Justin Burgman I think, he's been hiding from...