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    General rules question

    I'm not clear yet on whether it's a foul or not.
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    Camera for recording matches

    Thanks GoldCrown. I'm gonna hunt one of those down.
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    Camera for recording matches

    How long can you record for? I need to go 4-5 hours.
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    Camera for recording matches

    Can anyone who records their matches share their knowledge? I have a gopro that I use but it is insufficient. No view finder and doesn't record a lit table in a dark room very well.
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    Snooker in Cleveland, OH

    Anyone know of a snooker table in the Cleveland area?
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    TVmike LIVE RIGHT NOW !!!!!

    thanks for the post! you saved me from watching crap on tv
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    What Made You Decide To Play Tournaments?

    I have recently started playing tournaments in order to steel my nerves for money games and league matches. For whatever reason, tournament play makes me nervous so I figure the more I play them, the better I'll get at overcoming the yips.
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    Pool Halls of the USA mainland

    Website sounds great. My preference would be to have all the info here on AZB.
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    Archer vs. Moore/ music city 9 ball

    there's some recorded matches at the ustream site
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    Where can I play in Sarasota?

    I went there tonight and it was very nice. 5.50 per person per hour. They have a 21 and over room with 9 foot gold crowns. The one I played on was in really good shape.
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    Where can I play in Sarasota?

    Gonna try Livingston's Amusement Center. Seems to be the only place around. Any other suggestions or reviews would be appreciated. And shouldn't we have a pool room section for locations, rates, reviews, etc?
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    Slug-Doctor Tight Rack - FREE Giveaway (ending 1/07/11)

    Looks like a great product
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    Taking your cue on a plane

    I'm flying Allegent Air next week and don't want to check my cue. They charge around 40 dollars to check a bag and I really don't want it out of my sight anyway. Anyone know if I can carry it on?
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    Sterling Wave Case Review

    I got my 3x4 today and it looks great. Its well above my 2x2 case. The pockets are nice and big and open more fully than other cases. It seems a little cramped for 2 cues and an extendable bridge shaft. It all fit, but its pretty tight in there. I would eventually like to fit another shaft...
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    Minnesota Fats Matador Pool Cue

    I am posting this for a friend who has had it for nearly 50 years Anyone have any idea of its value? I have a few more pictures I can post if anyone wants to see them. The butt is a very detailed carving, black with white inlays. He's interested in selling.