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    Dating Joss West Cue?

    I just take it flowers...
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    DerbyCity responce

    I think this man's opinion are 80% more important than anyone else that replies. Please take that into consideration @Greg/Diamond
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    DerbyCity responce

    This was a better response than the copy paste weird thing I saw on F***book.
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    Sold Schon cue 90's

    I don't think it is anything personnel, however there are rumors of cloned/stolen/hacked accounts lately. Better to be safe than sorry.
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    That goes for multiple activities...
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    WTB: good cheap playing cue to get back into the game

    Look at Schmelke I have had a M-030 that I use as a "bar" cue. I have used it since 2016. I really like it for a little over $100.
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    Cue brand

    My bar cue is a inexpensive SCHMELKE. I also have a Schon for when I will be paying more attention.
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    9Ball Semis SVB vs Alex Updates?

    8, 6 Alex, on the stream. 5:30 am Central
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    Dr Dre’s balls……

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    DCC 9 Ball - Who's left?

    There will be a ton of people come along soon telling you why you should know and not ask the question.
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    Dr Dre’s balls……

    Completely off topic now. When I read the title I thought of Sir Mix A Lot and this song... A "Big Johnson" is an antique CB radio the used "tubes"!
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    Derby Number of Players in each Group

    One pocket was 429, that is what they said this morning on the live feed. 9 ball was a little over 500 I think I heard.
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    Looking to trade for predator

    There is one on facebook butt only for sale or trade P3 in this group.
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    DCC One Pocket - final rounds

    2 sets to 0 Pinegar is ahead. ETA: Pinegar won.
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    DCC One Pocket - final rounds

    Earlier he said over 500 in 9 ball. Before the first match today. Shrugs.
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    DCC One Pocket - final rounds

    It was mentioned before this match, it was 400+ but I don't remember the exact number.
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    DCC One Pocket - final rounds

    I assumed (wrongly) there would be a equipment section in the rules. However I was mistaken.
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    DCC One Pocket - final rounds

    I heard them say earlier the semis and finals won't be until tomorrow (Friday Jan, 27th). I don't know where in the world you are located but I don't think they are playing anymore "tonight". Unless they changed the plan.
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    Touching the cloth with hands or cue?

    The OP must be trolling they haven't came back. Got to love attention whores.