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    Butterfly cue

    The best has gone from our lives... [/COLOR]My vote goes to a too soon gone, Paul Fanelli. I could not believe it when I found out he passed away, but Paul Fanelli was probably the most inventive when it came to figuring out new ways to build butterfly cues. I am still stunned when I think...
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    $400 FIRM John Davis Hoppe Titilist Blank

    Nice blank for sale... This looks like another fine blank from the Davis shop. One of these days I'll have available cash when one goes up for sale, wish that was the case now!
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    Schon Cues

    Runde Schon... When I was living in Milwaukee before moving to New Jersey in 1987, I used to work at Romine's original location on Wisconsin Avenue. Schon cues was started right there in the back room of the second floor pool room. Boy was that a space to see! Not knowing what I have learned...
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    NEW Mind Mangling "MANZINO"

    I'll say it again... YOU HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY AND TIME ON YOUR HANDS!!!!! Please give the rest of us a chance at acquiring some of the stunningly beautiful cues you have been able to collect! Just another incredible cue that you have acquired sir, simply superb cue!
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    My Balabushka

    Very nice cue!!!!! It's wonderful that you have been able to get and KEEP such a fantastic piece of history! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us mere mortals!!!
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    My Personal Case

    Phenomenal case! That is one of the best looking cases ever made to hold a pool cue! Walk in with that and you have a hard time finding any action! No way you can stay under the radar carrying that case!
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    Just In....Ebony Titlist

    Really great looking Titlist! This cue is an awesome example of how a Titlist can come out! Just would be a little worried that it has no protection without a bumper on it, I'm guessing you don't lose your temper when you play?
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    Gus szamboti

    Another rare find! You have waaaay too much time and money to spend on finding and acquiring all of these fabulous cues!!!!! I will be very happy to help you store and protect them!
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    I got a wedgie from Jerry Rauenzahn. Ouch!!!!!!!!

    Nice cues! Like another poster said, I also believe the wedge was supposed to allow the shooter to keep the cue lined up the same way when shooting. Something to do with keeping the cue's spine oriented the same way for each shot, was how I understand it.
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    Scruggs matching threesome

    Beautiful set!!! Those cues are really sweet! It's too bad you only have two hands. You won't be able to play with all of them at once!
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    one of one***Mind Mangling**** Mike Cochran

    Really great looking cue! This is another fine example of the work that comes out of the Scruggs/Cochran shop. Seeing that Tim has slowed down a little since his heart trouble, I guess Mike has gone the extra mile to pick up the slack...
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    Some Caps I made

    Fantastic work! You are really trying to out do your self, again! More examples of what a real craftsman can do with even this small of an area to work with. Great work Alton!!!
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    APA honest????? APA leagues can be fun, but it's way too easy to fudge the scoresheets. Too many people who are new to league play have no idea what they are watching, IF they are watching. When I played in the first APA in Northern New Jersey, over ten years ago, most of the teams had no...
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    Analysis of John Morra's Break Technique

    John's break... Funny that another post said exactly what I was thinking when seeing John's break. When watching the WPBA this weekend on ESPN, they did a little piece on the breaks of the women playing and showed slow motion clips of their breaking styles. Seeing John's break was remarkably...
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    What is the best playing cue you own?

    Best cue? I wish the cue I had stolen from me was still in my possesion, it was a one of a kind Schon that Bob Runde made for me when he was still part of Schon cues. He made it exactly the way i asked him too, which was to duplicate the sneaky/hustler that I was playing with at the time. I do...
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    Old titlist joins new life

    Great choice! Good thing you had such a hard time deciding on what to wrap your Titlist with, it gave you the opportunity to find the perfect combination for it. The way it looks now is just the right blend of colors, wrap color and texture. Hope you have a good time playing with it, it...
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    )( $$ JUDD Fuller .custom ordered. FANCY.. FS/FT $$)(

    Pictures? Sorry about asking, did I miss seeing pictures of this cue or were none posted?
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    Near Mint 4pt 4Veneer Jacoby Titlist $10/Spot

    Will take #44... If still available, I'll take #44. Thanks, will be waiting for payment information.
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    Lucasi w/2 shafts - Southwest style!!!

    Lucasi cue... What is the weight of this cue? Balance point?
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    JAMES WHITE Blow-out! Never played box point

    Awesome cue.... Ths is one awesome James White cue! It's such a shame that I need to spend any extra money on a new engine for my truck. Otherwise this is one of the few cues I would ever think about buying. Hope you can sell it quickly!