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    New sander "dowel or pole sander"must read!!!

    Pole or dowel sander I saw one work at Andy Gilberts shop. Was very easy to use and saved tons of time doing sanding. I think he had his setup to use only one kind of paper. It looked like a simple machine to make really. I didn't seem like they should cost as much as they do. I think it's...
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    WANTED : Rockwell delta 11 inch lathe

    PM me if you have one for sale. thanks
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    Why do cue makers do this

    The bottom line for any cue price is supply and demand. If the demand is high, usually the price is as well. If a cue maker takes a cue and sells it cheap to a dealer and the dealer makes a lot more money, why shouldn't the cue maker sell the cue and make that money? I have no problem paying...
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    carbide sanding mandrels.....

    Hey Doug, what's shakin? how are things goin? Havne't been out shooters way in a bit. keep gettin tied up on things. I watched Andy use those carbide mandrels on his sanding machine. Pretty freakin sweet. 15 seconds and you're ready. I just use stainless for now like Doug.
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    indexer set

    hi Lee, Was curous what controller you use with your spindle on your CNC machine. Looks similar to a perske which is what I may be using in the machine I am in the process of building. Also what do you guys do use on in a 5c indexer for 7 pointers or do you do them? I also use a 5c on a...
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    Establishing the value of a cue

    Hey pletho, support your local cuemaker! :P
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    Is the Porper B lathe worth the $$

    I have been using one for quite a while now, about 3 or 4 years. I learned on porpers that were already 7 and 10 years old. They are great little machines for what they are. No, they aren't metal lathes. My logans beat them hands down. But I pack up my porper on a portable table everynight...
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    What causes so many new shafts to warp??

    I have to agree with you. I think most new shafts warp because they are just made so fast. you really can't turn a shaft in less than 6 months and expect it to stay really straight for a long time. I'm not positive but I suspect most of this laminated shaft business started for a couple...
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    Patent Law Help

    one piece tips Let's not forget the original tip was an ivory 1 piece design with no leather. Who invented that?
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    what is the best way to prepare a elk master tip?

    The milkdudes are made by Jensen cues I believe. I'm not sure of the process but it's an Elk master dipped maybe in Butter milk? Not sure, I shouldn't even say anything. I think he'll sell them if you want them by themselves. As for the blade technique this is how I have alwasy put on tips...
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    clear coat for cues

    I use the Dupont G2 4700s, Great Clear. Been shooting cars for years now. only been shootin cues for a couple years but it works great. As for your fisheyes. Need to really make sure to keep stuff like WD 40 out of your shop / paint area. Never shoot anything like that around your painting...
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    Help, Joint won't tighten

    I should clarify with my comment. You don't want to leave the water in the hole. Just pour it in and dump it out. Then let if dry. there will be no side effects. I've done this for years. works great. I have saved guys from replacing many shafts doing this. I"ve also bored out a 1/2...
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    Help, Joint won't tighten

    A quick fix might be to pour some water into the wood threads and let it set for a night. The wood will swell a little and give you back some threads. Done this a lot.
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    2 to 1 pantogragh

    Here's a Picture of an old Green pantograph I picked up locally cheap. I haven't started using it yet. Anyone used this machine for doing inlays? I need to setup a colet indexer or something similar for a jig. I think it's a 1/16 inch stylus.
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    I use a polish cleaner I get from Cue stock and a small old washcloth. USually helps to try to use a tip that is as close to the size that you need. The excess glue should be cleaned from the ferrule. I will clean the excess glue that squeezes out when I press the tip on before it starts to...
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    CNC and other Equipment FS...

    ya, no kidding. I was going to call them up and see about getting some shaft wood.
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    WANTED: Used Porper Model B.

    I will keep that in mind if I have to do it again. My friend John here in K.C. Says Hey. I guess he sold a cue of yours to a guy named doc he said you would know. I saw a titlist conversion of yours he had. Very nice work. Great looking cue. Thanks for the info on the Porper Parts.
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    Butterflys & Snakes

    Beautiful cue. I hope to do work like that someday.
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    WANTED: Used Porper Model B.

    yep, went through that myself recently with 2 model 'B's that had the older dial switches. I had to send the entire boards and wiring back to them to have a new board wired up. They're great now though. Will run solid for years. It's one of the reasons that I like the lathes. I have been...
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    WANTED: Used Porper Model B.

    Looking for a Used Porper lathe Model B. I've seen some of these come and go on here lately. I wasn't in a position to pick one up but I am now if the price is reasonable.