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    10' Snooker / Billiard table, Brunswick Anniversary

    Need to part from our dear friend....asing $1,500 o.b.o. 5' x 10' Brunswick Anniversary Snooker / Billiard table, 3 piece slate, Mint condition, 1959 Snooker balls, Billiard balls, Racking triangles, Scoring wire and 4 Cue sticks w. rack included Buyer responsible for moving E-mail...
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    Things That Make You Go Hmm !

    Hmmm, makes you wonder. Wings
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    IBSF WC in Egypt cancelled

    Any idea if there is a chance for just a delay to another timeframe? Wings
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    Back at it

    It's so nice to see someone back on their feet and being good at it. Take care and Good Luck in the future. Wings
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    First Time on a Snooker Table

    Same experience....quiet a while ago I know how you must have felt. Same here, but fell in love with the game. Took a while to get used to. Enjoy the game. Wings
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    Oval Shaped Bagatelle Table

    I wouldnt have the time... That is a very ambitious project - Good luck. Can't wait to see the after pictures. Wings