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  1. Kickin' Chicken

    3x6 Used Whitten Lite Case for Sale

    The ad says the case is being used for storage *now* and that was a consideration for why he's decided to sell it. Also in the decription he says the case is in good used condition. What I see in the pics is what appears to be a nice Whitten case with some typical wear from use. I def wouldn't...
  2. Kickin' Chicken

    Jack Justice 3x6 Pro-Lite Python/Gator case.

    just as I posted asking you, the mods moved this thread from the Main forum over here to cue and case reviews. Probably still not right, maybe better to be in the cue and case gallery but I could be wrong. Jack's cases are great, this one looks to be in terrific condition. He was a super nice...
  3. Kickin' Chicken

    Jack Justice 3x6 Pro-Lite Python/Gator case.

    what are you trying to do? :unsure:
  4. Kickin' Chicken

    Used table questions

    the difficulty, however, might be in coming across an 8 footer whuch the op says is what he needs.
  5. Kickin' Chicken

    Used table questions

    what size table are you wanting and, if I can ask, what's your budget? Garbarino I believe was a slate provider and some Olhausen tables had them.
  6. Kickin' Chicken

    Tonkin cue playability

    The Indian will always be the far more important element than the arrow but the differences from one wood cue to other wood cues can be vast. imo, of course.
  7. Kickin' Chicken

    Tonkin cue playability

    I was interested to get a Tonkin cue mayber 10-12 years ago and I ran into Pete at SBE outside so no chance to hit one of his cues right then. I asked him some specific questions about the playability of his cues and when I asked about how his cues sound when striking whitey he told me that he...
  8. Kickin' Chicken

    RIP Jim Richards aka Jimmy Tomatoes

    My dear and wonderful friend, Jim Richards, also affectionately known as Jimmy Tomatoes passed away today following his valiant battle with cancer. Jim was a regular at Shooters Billiards in Southington, CT. Aside from being a lifelong 14.1 devotee he was a walking encyclopedia of sports with a...
  9. Kickin' Chicken

    Rick Howard custom player for sale

    specs? is it new? straight? any imperfections?
  10. Kickin' Chicken

    What would you do?

    Throwing rocks at a '69 Roadrunner? :mad: what needed restoration more, the car or the kid?
  11. Kickin' Chicken

    What would you do?

    I wouldn't do that because it might send the false message to the guy that I'm interested to reimburse him if he gets a more accurate replacement cost, and I'm not.
  12. Kickin' Chicken

    What would you do?

    Your opponent bears the responsibility to make sure his equipment is not vulnerable to possible damage during *normal play*, the key word here being normal. If you were exhibiting some *abnormal behavior* like hopping on one foot and losing your balance or doing a cartwheel and during this sort...
  13. Kickin' Chicken

    Jack and Jill went up the hill ...

    Savannah aka the roadrunner did a recent match in vegas that we streamed remotely on the Yale sharkstream. She was playing a challenge match against yale billiards owner, bobby Hilton who is 6’ 6” and over 300 lbs. it was quite s spectacle and he just couldn’t get his game going. Savannah won...
  14. Kickin' Chicken

    Sold Big Pin 2003 Paul Mottey Hoppe (100% Refinished)

    Flip you always have such nice stuff and this unique mottey is no exception. Glwys
  15. Kickin' Chicken

    Earl Strickland Signed Cue Balls - Great Gift Idea

    URGENT - PLEASE READ: Someone named Greg J paid me via Zelle but didn't do the next step which was to let me know your shipping address and Zelle doesn't provide contact info on people who pay you. So, If this is you please pm me your full name and address so I can ship you your ball.
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    and specs would be helpful, as well.
  17. Kickin' Chicken

    Lil Joe Villalpando is Doing Fine!

    I’ve had a lot of fun with L’il Joe at a number of sbe’s. We would have kick-a-thons on the table at his booth. He said they were good for business. What a gem of a guy he is. And miles of road stories…
  18. Kickin' Chicken

    Hearing Aids

    I am in the process of helping someone dear to me with this right now. Here's what I learned: Yes Resound are excellent as well as Phonak. Very expensive, too. Technology and quality at the highest level can be had from Costco where the 2 top brands are Jabra & Philips. These are two global...
  19. Kickin' Chicken

    ***Let's see your Jeff Olney cues***

    yes it is and was debating with myself over the wood - pau ferro seems reasonable.