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    FS: Cueman power feed, tip shaper, 10pc collets, porper big shaver tip tool

    Brand new Cueman power feed. Cost $195 new asking $125 Cueman tip shaper, good condition $25 Cueman 10pc collet set like new $45 Porper big shaver tip.tool. need new 3/8-16 nylon thumb screw(lowes). $100 Paypal for payment
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    Predator pre cat 314

    Predator pre cat 314 shaft. Rolls good but has a taper roll. 11.25mm Unknown tip 5/16-18 joint Needs a good cleaning Has a small fing that needs streamed out. Chipping at joint clear coat. $140 shipped Paypal
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    Sold Vintage Predator Sneaky

    Better pics?
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    Hightower deluxe lathe For sale. SOLD

    Consew motor. One that Hightower uses. See photos.
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    QCTP pieces Sold

    I have no use for these. Does anyone else? No sure what they are worth. I'd be interested in taking something cue building related in trade. SOLD
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    FS: Frogwood laminated shafts -

    I have 100+ tapered frogwood laminated shafts. These are much like the dymondwood stuff. Most are 13mm & joint .865 $60 each plus shipping
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    Hightower deluxe lathe For sale. SOLD

    Up for sale. I purchased this in a buy out from AZ member jersey Bill. Was going to us it as an extra lathe but have decided to part with it. Everything works, I installed a brand new motor, cleaned it up and it's ready to go. SOLD pick up is available in Bath, NY or will ship at buyers...
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    Cueman deluxe headstock

    The newer deluxe headstock
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    Cueman deluxe headstock

    Not on this one. They are nice but not worth the extra money
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    Cueman deluxe headstock

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    Double Black Linen Tubes

    Still available
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    Small cue shop for sale

    Still available
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    Sold Beautiful Ariel carmeli cue with Keilwood Shaft SOLD

    Up for sale is a beautiful Ariel Carmeli custom cue with keilwood shaft & extension. Near perfect condition and rolls excellent. Butt: 15.17 oz no bolt at this weight, leather wrap. 29 inch Shaft : Keilwood shaft ( made by Carmeli) : 12.9mm 3.5oz. 30 SOLD Payment via PayPal(buyer pays fees)...
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    Ariel Carmeli Cue Question

    I see Carmeli has cues with a signature and some with engraving on butt cap. Anybody know why the difference?
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    Carbide sanding mandrel question

    Ok. Am I right as far as .842 is standard for like the predator revo radial pin cues?
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    Carbide sanding mandrel question

    Using auto clear.
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    Carbide sanding mandrel question

    New to this so I'm not sure. That's why I'm asking.
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    Carbide sanding mandrel question

    Looking into purchasing carbide sanding mandrel for Radial & Uni-loc My question is the finish sizes as follows? Radial .842 & uni-loc .840? If so where would your sanding sizes be? Looking at unique products & cue fits. Any suggestions on either.