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    WTB Predator SP8RW OR P2

    I have the 8pt pred wrapless. Uni loc of course. Recently refinished by Paul drexler with a new slimmer cream color butt cap with out the pred icons all about it. Also dosent say "SP" down there anymore. Can be verified by Paul. It took me a long time to find this and when I did (in good...
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    *** Jacoby Edge Hybrid Shafts ***

    Any Uni-loc's. if so pm me with details and price. I very much want one. Thanks.
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    Mike Durbin 8-point FS

    Wow, that's one friggin' sweet cue. The nicest durbin I have seen. Like how it has a g-10 pin and the points and veneers are nutz. Love it. Wish I wasn't a broke student. Glws I'll be looking for this cue in a year at most When I have appropriate funds.
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    FS-McDermott M7Q6 Cue Mint

    Hey, thanks for the advice man. I just may do that. I just thought since it was about 10 years Old and is a classic McDermott model, I figured someone here would appreciate it abit more. But I just might put it on the bay. Thanks.
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    9 Point PH with Ebony South West

    That's a very very nice sw. One of the nicest points I have seen them do. Glws. Jw btw. Why is it that sw cues are soo expensive? I know they are a collectors cue and they play well. I have played with a purple heart nosed 4pt sw and a BEM nosed 5 pt sw. And both played very good. But it's...
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    FS-McDermott M7Q6 Cue Mint

    No hits?? Just as well. With all the services and extras I was adding in I was only selling this great cue for 320 or so. Guess I will leave it at my hall to see if I get any bites. And if not I'll try here again in a few months. Thanks. All.
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    No one go to shooters in ct.

    Nvm. It's fair. That is their business. Not mine.
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    FS-McDermott M7Q6 Cue Mint

    R.I.P. Cue market. Last offer now. $410 with all thr extras listed above.
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    FS-McDermott M7Q6 Cue Mint

    If this cue does not sell with this deal. Well, pool market has died. :(
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    WTB used BK2, Mezz PB, or OB break

    With any cue. Especially a break cue. You want it to be straight as an effin arrow. Anything else. You will miscue and look like a fool more than not. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing the Bk. I own my own and love it. But personal experience. Any warpage in a break is bad news bears.
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    WTB used BK2, Mezz PB, or OB break

    Gotta Ob break cue. Black. One month old. Samsara tip. Excellent condition. Same tip diam as stock. Barely used with no dings dEnts or any of that stuff. I paid 350. Just want the money back if I am to sell it. If you wNt pics pm me for them. I'll sell it for 340 with a case and a free Kamui...
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    **** BARRY SZAMBOTI's**** I'm selling a couple* All New or MINT condition Monsters**

    Ooghhh myy gawd. How did u get all these szam's. This is nuts. I hope to own one eventually, let alOne 8 of them!! Wow. How did u get all these?? Anyway. Gl I know these should be gone very fast. Just hope one lands in my possetion.
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    Ed Prewitt...with pictures!

    I love this cue.. Very classy. Perfect cue. Wish I could afford this cue. Glws
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    FS-McDermott M7Q6 Cue Mint

    This is going to be the last price drop, after this there is no point to sell it. I am including a free 1x1 case in this deal. McDermott cues come with a lifetime warranty as most of you know. This is not the average McDermott cue. It is their high end cue that retailed over $950 10 years ago...
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    FS-McDermott M7Q6 Cue Mint

    I'm not going to make a cent off this at this price. It is only for the next 24 hours then it's probably going away for another 10years to build value. Again this cue is 100% the shaft has been cleaned up and looks brand new. Cue hits extremely solid, I played with a Capone last night and then...
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    ** FS - Hills wrapless, Ebony, Snakewood, Ivory

    Classy cue... Love the snakewood. Glws
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    FS-McDermott M7Q6 Cue Mint

    Take a look. It's no average McDermott cue. Plus lifetime warranty. You would be paying over $800 new. There is not a single scratch ding dent or anything at all other than the shaft having some blueing it is new.
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    Broken tennon

    I am kind of put off that the fact that he corks or taps his shaft is infringement. Ob does it McDermott does it John baroni does it (you tube) and pred does it. I would think that it is the full lamination and ferrule design along with how far it is tapped and what they put in that hole. I...
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    WTB 1 of these break cues ASAP

    just fyi: the orange crusher is no good. just in my personal experience 2 players at my hall had them and constantly had the tips/ferruels breaking on them, one crushed inward and he sent it out to get fixed 4 separate times then it finally just snapped off in whole and he threw it out..just...
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    Broken tennon

    last post,, andi please respond and let me know when they will be coming out, You already have the specs for the uniloc jointed shaft, I am waiting on rob to give me his specs. thanks