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    Nicks in the clear coat

    I've used both on epoxy based finishes
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    replaced two cue tips today-85 bucks.

    I have no doubt, the cost of some of those tips are pretty dang expensive. $15 or so to installer and a $25-30 tip adds up quick when doing more than one shaft
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    Finishing surface of Carbon Fiber shafts

    Matte black or plain
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    Weight of the finish

    Looks good 👍
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    Playing sober, can’t do it

    I gave up alcohol probably 4-5 years ago, it took a long time to get use to the pressure sober LoL. Practice at home sober was always good so I knew I didn't need it to play good but it definitely helped when making it to the finals in a tournament to try and win. Once in awhile...
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    Birch dowel for a core - turns like crap..?

    Depends on what your after with a carbon. Everything works fine as the shaft by itself is extremely durable its just you'll have ping sound and the shaft is light. Heavy 2 part foam helped me a lot in what I was wanting to achieve. I use 2 different products to achieve the weight and avoid...
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    Finish the sentence: Aramith Black set is the worst thing to happen to pool since...

    Got a local tournament that uses those tv balls, I never know what ball to get shape on unless I walk around the table to try and see numbers...when a player of 30+ years has trouble then how's a person who randomly sees bar pool gonna follow. Answer: they can't/wont
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    Jump Cue Tip Shape

    For me a nickel at the roundest
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    SIB cue tips

    Pretty certain it's on his website, or maybe I'm thinking of ultra skins 🤔
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    How to handle aging eyesight

    I know a guy that his eye doctor prescribed some eye drops that somehow strengthens his eyes for 4-6 hours, then it wears off. He says it works well but was kinda expensive. He uses it for tournaments only
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    New Pool Table Room Setup

    Taller you are the further back your foot is, I got one buddy that needs probably 6' for his stance
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    Opinions on carbon fiber BUTTS? Any benefits?

    I don't know the benefits yet but I tend to find out. Im starting to put one together now
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    Extension system....

    Looks heavy
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    Joel Davidas Joint Pin

    Looks the same to me. Only a guess but perhaps he cuts his own pins and just doesn't cut them as deep
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    Weight of the finish

    I never used solarez but Id imagine it's no different. I use a playing card too
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    Weight of the finish

    If for some reason I've got really high spots I'll knock it down with 220 or similar but almost always just a quick 400 sanding from butt to joint takes um out. I take alot of time keeping the finish level during drying to hopefully keep sanding at a minimum, and good lighting is the key to...
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    Just bought a table. Ball question.

    Dynasphere bronze, you'll be happy
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    Weight of the finish

    It's peeling away, didn't adhere? Looks like it anyway. I've never not sanded between coats unless my other coats are still tacky wet.
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    Finish Matching

    If you have poor or no filtration you'll know if it's CA in no time, near immediate sinus infection atleast it does me that way
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    Phenolic and getting pads/tips to stick

    Better in what way?