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  1. CrownCityCorey

    Poolhall Junkies Movie Stream - Free

    For your Thanksgiving Day pleasure: "Poolhall Junkies" - Enjoy! Happy Holidays!
  2. CrownCityCorey

    Reyes & Parica Rivalry

    I am not a believer that both of Efren and Jose's primes lined up. Parica became a great player much earlier on. Personally, I've played both of them for cash and in tournament play, and both are a very, very intimidating and tough opponents. Efren is much smoother and a more consistent player...
  3. CrownCityCorey

    Matchroom Sport in Talks to Sell Minority Stake Worth $215M

    Does this have potential to grow, or halt, “Nineball” Pool within the Matchroom Sport organization and our sport as a whole? “Matchroom Sport is in negotiations with several private equity firms regarding the sale of a minority stake in the event promotions company, according to a report by...
  4. CrownCityCorey

    Doug Gordon RIP Belongs here in the main forum. I have been out of Pro Pool for a some time now, but Doug was involved in many an international competition event. Much of his influence was behind the scenes as well; to...
  5. CrownCityCorey

    RIP Fujiwhopper

    A friend of mine for over 30 years... A kind soul... R.I.P.
  6. CrownCityCorey

    WTB 62" ish cue

    PM sent.
  7. CrownCityCorey

    The Pro Book: Maximizing Competitive Performance for Pool Players by Bob Henning- ?

    I won one of my first Semi-Pro 9-ball events, besting Jose Parica, Morro Paez, Keith McCready, and a couple other notables, immediately following reading The Pro Book and applying many principals learned. Bob Henning knows what he is talking about.
  8. CrownCityCorey

    Need help IDing some old Camel Tour player photos

    That's not Coltrain. He was far younger and more wiry at that time.
  9. CrownCityCorey

    Hard Times Bellflower

    To put things into perspective, in Commercial Real Estate, something being on the open market For Lease does not always mean the existing tenant is done. Just that the Landlord is shopping around, as the existing Lease is expired or nearing expiration. Sometimes these actions are bargaining...
  10. CrownCityCorey

    Hard Times Bellflower

    Building Sold 3 years ago with development plans... Hard Times was listed For Lease on April 27th. Here's the Brochure
  11. CrownCityCorey

    Which Tiger sneaky

    "THC" is from their Carom Line of cues. The TSP's are very high quality cues made by Jacoby for Tiger. I miss this line of cues, especially the Purple Heart/Ebony model.
  12. CrownCityCorey

    Curious any current or ex-NFL players on AZB?

    Yup, Tony Hargain - was a Redskin(s) I think.
  13. CrownCityCorey

    Consensus "Greatest of All Time" (GOAT) List

    It's unfortunate, but Parica should be placed/scroing much higher on this list - top 10 for certain. He and Busty are really close - IMO
  14. CrownCityCorey

    Has Schmidt won any major tounaments?

    Yup, that was June 2003 Reno Open. Wow, that was long ago...time flies.
  15. CrownCityCorey

    Coming back- Longest cue on a budget?

    I have what you are looking for. Check your PM's
  16. CrownCityCorey

    Where is this pool hall?

    Fantasia Billiards - Burbank, CA 3 hrs of pool w/lunch specials!
  17. CrownCityCorey

    Los Angeles area players from the past

    “Danny Shades” Still a regular at House of Billiards (Santa Monica) I hear.
  18. CrownCityCorey

    Los Angeles area players from the past

    John Borba He disappeared from thr scene about 10-15 years back. Santos retired him as John couldn’t win getting the 7-out & the breaks playing nine ball. They must have played for a week like this in So. El Monte. John had previously believed no one in the world could have beaten him with that...
  19. CrownCityCorey

    Los Angeles area players from the past

    Sounds like “Big Sergio” Gandarilla to me. Always on the sly... had a bit of head jump and stand up-ish style - smooth stroke and very knowledgeable. Mostly a bar box guy. Maybe saw him at Hard Times, or Vegas, within the last ten years.