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  1. mortuarymike-nv

    Predator Cues w/Revos Now Selling For Thousands of $$$ - Why?

    Predator Yep, Predator moved its factory from the USA to China for better skilled workers... Predator sales more cues in the USA then any other country and their way of saying thanks was to move the factory to china and raise the price of their cues from 900.00 $ to 3600.00 $
  2. mortuarymike-nv

    Cues rarely seen for sale

    I seen a guy with a really nice Vigus cue with a Coker rubber bumper !
  3. mortuarymike-nv

    Help post a cue 4 sale

    Get a flicker or Phptobucket account then copy and paste
  4. mortuarymike-nv

    Any Cue makers on the site?

    Dream on You have a memory like a elephant .
  5. mortuarymike-nv

    House cue/one piece cue anyone?

    I have owned some very nice cues ,,Nothing less then functioning pieces of art.
  6. mortuarymike-nv

    House cue/one piece cue anyone?

    Cues . For me I don't give a rats butt what anyone plays with ,,,I am there just to play pool and enjoy it , not to enter the drama gossip session . Or care if a player throws a cube on chalk on the floor and chalks his cue like native American Indians started camp fires . If you like the...
  7. mortuarymike-nv

    Wax to seal a cue

    Makes you about 120 years make that statement . Where you actual there 100 years ago ? Total BS ,, a properly maintain shaft isn't as slick as a shaft that hasn't had the chalk removed from the wood pores cleaned, then sealed and waxed. Been repairing cues for over a decade ,, I...
  8. mortuarymike-nv

    Wax to seal a cue

    Truth You made me spew coffee on my key board brother Definition of the truth is when the word and the deed become one , Anything less is a lie .
  9. mortuarymike-nv

    Wax to seal a cue

    Meucci history Hi Ron I will try to help explain my replies,, the shaft in question Meucci Pro , Meucci has a bad history of producing pool cues with defects and using cheap materials and not backing their warranty . That is why I said the op should contact meucci before doing...
  10. mortuarymike-nv

    Wax to seal a cue

    Wax PS I have several lathes and all my work is done with the shaft rotating as fast as my lathes will spin .
  11. mortuarymike-nv

    Wax to seal a cue

    Well hell ,, I take it the shaft is cored on the tip end , still I think it should be treated like any other solid maple shaft . White cotton rag 4inch X 4 inch and a Can of lighter fluid , soak the rag dripping wet with lighter fluid . Straight up you need to plenty lighter fluid, it acts...
  12. mortuarymike-nv

    Wax to seal a cue

    -Wax No wax known to man will seal a cue shaft that is made of wood permanently . Least not for anything over 40 hours of play … Carnauba wax melting point is about 185/F Pure polymer car synthetic wax has a harder surface and higher melting point. If the pro shaft is a laminated wooden...
  13. mortuarymike-nv

    Cuetec announces Carbon Fiber tentative price and....

    Carbon fiber Carbon fiber isn't expensive , what motivates people into buying these shafts is in part the dream of being good and they don't know they are being lied to. China for the life of them cannot produce a solid maple shaft that would stay straight . China history shows they make stuff...
  14. mortuarymike-nv

    Cue shaft playability differences

    Make some shafts Buy a lathe ,,, start making shafts yourself ,, then open a repair shop .. Repair ever kind of shaft known to man .. At that time you will know how certain shafts play and which ones shafts flat fall apart .. Then you pick one you like ,,, which means nothing ,because its...
  15. mortuarymike-nv

    How do you improve?

    Practice , practice and more practice.its nice to play against a pro . But normally you don't get to shoot or if you do, its bank or a kick. I have a extra shaft with clear plastic tip .and I don't ever chalk the tip. I practice hitting center cue ball ...if I don't hit center cue ball the...
  16. mortuarymike-nv

    Kamui chalk not allowed in some leagues?

    Kamui sucks I think that was the long version too.,
  17. mortuarymike-nv

    What would you do for "Pool" if you hit the lottery?

    Custom cues Spew coffee all over my key board .. That is just as good of way as any to toss some money away .
  18. mortuarymike-nv

    The end of my revo

    Junker shafts I have a Muecci shaft I use a s a pry bar for my motorcycle so I don't scratch the chrome . Have other shafts I use for my tomato plants .
  19. mortuarymike-nv

    Cut down a new tip?

    2 in one tool For sale , she cuts the grass and shapes and trims tips.
  20. mortuarymike-nv

    Elephant Ivory inlay slabs.

    Pre band Ivory Couldn't agree with you more . .