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    $10,000 One Pocket Challenge: Lou Figueroa vs John Barton

    Who is that handsome guy next to Eric in the beginning of the match? :D
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    SVB aiming vid..................

    Is the tip aimed center CB or is it inside? Wouldn’t tip diameter come into play with this or am I over thinking? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I tried CTE again

    Who gives a shit what you do?
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    US Open stream...............

    Tyler is putting on a clinic right now. He was down 4-2 and has now won rattled off 7 straight.
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    I got the call! Southwest Cues!

    Congrats, Matt! Go big or go home :grin: I got on Joel Herceks list around the same time. Hoping I pop to the top within the next couple of years.
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    "How-many" pack have you run?

    Only if it's the light stuff. Those porters at the Radisson were too heavy for 12. 10 maybe but not 12 :grin:
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    "How-many" pack have you run?

    ..................... :grin:
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    "How-many" pack have you run?

    I drink a six pack on league night. Does that count?
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    Chalkshaper..... cool new gizmo

    If someone spends $25 on chalk I sure hope they know how to chalk their cue without making it look like the Grand Canyon when their done. :D
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    Dumb question, go easy on me.....

    For me, and I am not a full time CTE user, I aim thin cuts as follows. I start with about a full tip of inside and with my head and eyes over this line I aim the tip through the cue ball to the edge of the object ball. Pivot back to center and shoot. I've showed this to a few guys who were...
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    My FARGO is 489. What does that mean?

    I would consider a 489, based on guys with similar handicaps in my area, to be a high C, low B. Koop - probably wrong
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    SBE Shenannigans

    I agree. It's the amateur open. Put a ceiling on it and if you don't like your odds then don't sign up. Seems simple enough.
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    yearly your sbx review and swag thread

    Tried the Expo again after several years off and I am glad I did. Had a blast but more than anything it was great to hang out with my friends from across the country. Bought a Hustlin sweatshirt and placed a cue order with a maker that came highly recommended to me. Should be picking it up at...
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    Woah! That's a beautiful combination right there. I would bet a years salary that's a real solid hitter.
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    SBE Results

    Great shooting and if you play Turning Stone I will be sure to introduce myself. My wife and I are heading up in August to play some golf and watch some pool. I love that venue. Sorry I didn't get the chance to say hi at the SBE.
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    yearly your sbx review and swag thread

    What a great thing to do. Who was it? Guy like that deserves the recognition.
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    yearly your sbx review and swag thread

    Hey Lyn, not this year. I did see you but you were busy chatting and when I came back around you were gone. I'll make sure to butt in and say hi next time :thumbup:
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    Phil Davis; You Are A Bad Man!!!

    Watched him shoot early on to get into the money and the way he was playing, I didn't think there was anyone in the field that was going to beat him. He shot rock solid from start to finish.
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    yearly your sbx review and swag thread

    No doubt, buddy. Wish you lived a little closer to make it to Snookers in Providence for our occasional get together.
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    yearly your sbx review and swag thread

    Awesome time this year and fun sweating your matches. You played real strong my friend. The guy who beat you was a 703 and you had a great shot at beating him.