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  1. Kevin Lindstrom

    Kamui tip

    If you have to maintain your tip daily it sounds as if it is glazing over. I like Kamui tips but I too find they glaze over too quickly.
  2. Kevin Lindstrom

    Anyone recognize this joint pin?

    Just a thought but the hole is probably only deep enough to allow a center to be used when putting the cue in a lathe for rewraps or refinishing work.
  3. Kevin Lindstrom

    Central Pa table mechanic needed

    Ed Perry at Pro Action Billiards. He is located in Dover, PA. (717) 767-2091
  4. Kevin Lindstrom

    Who's going to Super Billiards Expo?

    Where are all the Pro players going this year as it seems few are registered to play at the Expo. Also why no Pro women's event this year? So many questions.
  5. Kevin Lindstrom

    2023 Super Billiards Expo by UpState AL Open/Seniors 9-Ball Pro Events All Table Access PPV+ Apr 13-16

    How many tables with be in the Pro arena this year as it seems as if there aren't many pro players registered this year?
  6. Kevin Lindstrom

    Super billiards expo adding a Fargo limit for the amateur?

    I wonder if this was done because they have so few players registered for the pro event. Additionally I am curious as to why no pro womens event this year. Seems the amateur events continue to grow and the pro events continue to shrink. Hopefully this is not the beginning of the end for me to...
  7. Kevin Lindstrom

    How much for the Porper Lathe? Thanks Kevin

    How much for the Porper Lathe? Thanks Kevin
  8. Kevin Lindstrom

    New 1/2 GTF Cases - Remaining Stock As Of 9/27/22

    Any chance these comfortably hold a 60" cue? 30" split. Thanks Kevin
  9. Kevin Lindstrom

    Corner pocket miter angles

    Glenn On my Gold Crown 4 what are the correct angles supposed to be? I have always been curious as to the correct dimensions for my table. If you want to provide a diagram, drawing or picture for reference that would be a bonus. Thanks Kevin
  10. Kevin Lindstrom

    FS:Jacoby Hybrid Edge custom jump shaft

    It this flat faced or piloted?
  11. Kevin Lindstrom

    Any 59" or 60" Judd Fullers out there?

    I have one of the nicest ones ever made in my opinion.
  12. Kevin Lindstrom

    Cue Shaft extensions vs Cue Butt extensions.

    What are the reasonings behind each type of extension? How is one extension better that the other? Curious to hear player's opinions. Thanks Kevin
  13. Kevin Lindstrom

    🌶🌶 Ed Prewitt Maple Burl 🌶🌶

    I have a fancy Judd cue that I would trade for this cue.
  14. Kevin Lindstrom

    More polishing , Birdseye , Redwood Burl , almost there .

    Nice work Mr. Baxter. Thanks for posting the pictures.
  15. Kevin Lindstrom

    Can anyone recommend a decent hotel in the Virginia Beach area for the upcoming 14.1 Championships

    Looking to attend this year's 2022 14.1 Championship at Q-Master Billiards in Virginia Beach, VA. Anyone have good hotel experiences in that area they would recommend. Also any hotels to steer clear of as well. On a different subject any eateries you would recommend outside of chain...
  16. Kevin Lindstrom

    What is the Best Cue Ball? We have the Red Measles, but let's hear your opinions.

    I have been playing for 40 years with lots of different sets of balls and cue balls. Trust me you can tell the difference. On an unrelated note shaft diameters make a huge difference to players as well. Try a 13mm shaft then go to a 11mm shaft. Very small differences in size (2mm) but feel...
  17. Kevin Lindstrom

    What is the Best Cue Ball? We have the Red Measles, but let's hear your opinions.

    I totally agree with Fatboy statements. I like the Blue Circle for 14.1 because it drives through the rack on break shots. I like the red circle for 8, 9 and 10 ball because it is easier to draw with. The ball material is different between the blue circle and red circle more so than the...
  18. Kevin Lindstrom

    LTB: True Sneaky. Scruggs, Frey, or Others

    Let me know if you have received the pictures that I sent via text. Thanks Kevin
  19. Kevin Lindstrom

    Cue comes with two shafts. It has no markings but Al made several of these for me in the late...

    Cue comes with two shafts. It has no markings but Al made several of these for me in the late 80's early 90's when I lived in Socal. It is purpleheart with a hand rubbed finish like a lot of his sneakys were back then. I will text you pictures.