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  1. bobroberts

    Who's the best pool player that also makes cues?

    Dennis Searing is in the top 5 as making cues play and look great. He still plays league once a week and beats everyone who he plays. Add some cash to it and your in for a full out war. I watch him take a set from Nick Varner about 2 years ago. made it look simple with a bunch of us watching. He...
  2. bobroberts

    Billiard chairs

    I was able to pick up 2 of these chairs for 100 each.They are comfortable enough and sort of have a cup holder on the arm rests.Money well spent.
  3. bobroberts

    Awesome Zinzola

    Cue is sold.
  4. bobroberts

    Monster zinzola

    I just sold my Zinzola. Be patient and wait it out until you get what you deserve out of it.Tony's cues are amazing for the cost. Anyone who isn't on the bandwagon has no clue.GLWS
  5. bobroberts

    Monster Viattorre Rasputin style, wrapless PH and Ivory...

    I feel for you.This cue is awesome Jackson Tan produced some of the finest cues until he retired.I own one but not nearly as fancy. Mine plays as good a any of the top notch CMs out there alive or gone. Unfortunately you will probably never see the cash your looking for. If i was you i would...
  6. bobroberts

    Tony Zinzola...

    I have dealt with Tony a few times and found he returned my calls almost immediately. It seems that the CMs who get known and make a rep for themselves all fall into this. They receive 100s of e-mails and phone calls a day. They want to satisfy everybody but they can't. I always add at least a...
  7. bobroberts

    Shaft roll

    I had a shaft that was never used. I know it was straight when i bought it. It has always been in a case in a climate control room. I pull it out a couple of days ago and and sure enough it ha a very slight high taper roll.I immediately brought it over the Mr. Searings place to see if thee could...
  8. bobroberts

    FS 3 Searings @ SBE

    GLWS. Surprised your parting with these.
  9. bobroberts


    Seems to be no interest at this time. Back in the case until i re try or someone decides to buy it.
  10. bobroberts


    Final offer for this monster.Then it will go back into the vault until the economy picks up or someone realizes wha they are missing out on.
  11. bobroberts


    Last year i would of though this would of been gone in about an hour. Kerry was at the top of his craft when he passed away suddenly last year. I guess if i don't attract more interest i will put it away again. I don't buy cues that i feel are inferior and this cue plays jam up. I am just...
  12. bobroberts

    Awesome Zinzola

    Cue is sold.
  13. bobroberts

    Wtt (mobley, scruggs, jf south west)

    Some decent looking wood your getting rid of. To bad i'm not in the market right now. GLWS
  14. bobroberts

    Awesome Zinzola

    Lets get it done.
  15. bobroberts


    Someone is missing out on a great deal.:thumbup2:
  16. bobroberts

    If MONEY was no object who would build your PLAYING CUE

    Non fancy would be either a Gina pJ or a 4 point Gus or Barry, Ed young,Ed Prewitt, Dennis Searing 1/2 joint ss. John Showman 4 point. Tasc PJ or 4 point. A BB PJ, That's to name just a few. Luckily i own most of these CMs. Unfortunately i had to sell my ebony Gina PJ if you want to call it a...
  17. bobroberts


    Tell me about it you can't get a better cue for that little money. Especially one brand new. I will be losing on this one, but i wont take a beating because i would rather keep it then give it away.1.2 plus shipping. Don't bother with trades or haggle.
  18. bobroberts


    Thanks Rod, I had Kerry make this for me according to my specs. It will hit a ton. Peel the acrylic right off the balls.:grin:
  19. bobroberts

    -= Randy Mobley Fire Sale =-

    Very nice offering. If i wasn't selling a few of my own i would of jumped on this. GLWTS
  20. bobroberts


    Sunday bump.