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    Rafael Martinez.....??

    Got to see him play here in Corpus Christi about 4-5 years back, running away with the money that came with 1st and the Calcutta. Candidly, I really did not know who he was, until I looked him up. His game was unbelievable, really a great shooter back then, and sure he still is. Had a leather...
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    Mark Wilson Pool Clinc on YouTube

    Went straight to the wall, when it was really helped!
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    Mark Wilson Pool Clinc on YouTube

    Watched both yesterday, actually backwards and all I can say is "wow". I also have his book, but as one other said, visual is much better.....everyone needs to see this, even if you're an advanced player.
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    Send Team USA to White House!`

    I'm thinking politically, but still it might mean some good advertisement for the game. Sure that the opportunity and photo ops, would provide some "hustle" for someone at the WH.
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    Michael Andros......

    Going thru the Big C fight myself, and it does seem to keep you tired and seeking a lot of sleep. Good thing is that treatment is in the morning, and gives me time to rest and still go and play in the league and a Sunday tournament...actually won it this past Sunday. Wishing you and I a quick...
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    Time to rethink jump cues again?

    I have made the same argument, it really makes it impossible to 3 foul someone out....anyone can jump. Yes, some skill is required and seen some guys that can really control it. But let me ask you one question, if your opponent plays a "push" that requires a "jump", will you take it or give it...
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    2019 World 10 Ball - Contest - Enter Now

    Chang Jung Lin
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    What type of shot do you enjoy the most?

    As with most anyone, shooting the money ball.....especially after a "mouthy" opponent dogs it and leaves in right in front of the pocket.
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    How many here are big fans of 8 Ball Pool?

    I'll take 9 ball, 8 ball requires too much thinking...a known flaw in my game.
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    Siming Vs Shane: 7 sets race to 11

    Been watching, and the "potting" is unbelievable. First set, they each missed only once, but Chen's miss was on the 6, with the 8 and 9 left to win the match. Shane won the next 3 to take the match 11-10. Second match was almost the opposite, but a few more misses, but Chen came back and won...
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    question about revos and kicking

    Check the latest Fargo Rate, SVB is no longer #1......Wu 827, SVB 823, Filler 822, Shaw 819
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    Someone used it on me years back, and I have borrowed to use on my buddies....hey "Easy Game".
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    The nicest compliment I ever got on pool

    Learning to be serious about my game, I was playing one of the best players in town, a spot of 3 games on a run to 6. I was doing well and close to winning, when my buddy pointed out..."he can play defense pretty good, no?" At that time, I was good to run 2, maybe 3 balls.....he answered my...
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    Why no pool

    Years back when single, young lady I was dating was watching a tournament on TV with me. As a great shooter in the stands watching, I was pretty much able to call the shots, as to where the cue would go for the next shot....I ran almost every rack. She looks up at me, "well what's the fun in...
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    Interesting shot from AZB's Tin Man

    Saw this on a Dr Dave Billiards / YouTube, and it was a shot the shooter credited the Tin hit the rail first with outside spin. A follow up tape on this set up, shows you possible safety shots....check it out, it is titled "What Would You Do Here" (after I posted this noticed that Dr...
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    Interesting shot from AZB's Tin Man

    This is shot is on YourTube, if I remember right it was shot with low right. Check it out, I think it is titled What Would You Do....there is also a follow up with some options of possible safety shots
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    Holiday DVD Giveaway

    Bank Pool Secrets with John Brumback Thanks
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    2018 US International Open - Observations

    Always thought that they should have an amateur on the telecast asking questions. Or at the least, the announcer give some insight into the why of a shot, or "how" it should have been. A lot of the ideas expressed earlier are spot on. John McEnroe and Martina Navratalova are the best...
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    Suggest The Title For A Pool Book

    Old Dogs-Learning new Tricks
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    How big of a "pool sin" did I commit???

    Done it before, and you won't do it again. Rules are rules, and Tyrone could have acted on it and called it a loss. I would not have, especially realizing that it was his first time and not used to the rules give him a free ride, but not the next time.... but not everybody is...