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  1. StevenPWaldon

    Efren Reyes fluke 9 ball against Appleton 2012 US Open

    How'd Efren get there Does anyone know how Efren got into that position on the 4 ball? Did he hook himself, or had Darren just played safe on him to leave him there?
  2. StevenPWaldon

    Live Stream of Borana and OMGWTF this Saturday (MAY 15th)

    I don't think it's going to start until at least 11PM. Borana has a Women's Open Singles match tonight at 9PM. Assuming that it starts on time, she probably won't be making it down to Pool Sharks until 11 at the earliest.
  3. StevenPWaldon

    Borana Andoni vs "omgwtf"

    I think you mean Allison Fischer -- big difference there.
  4. StevenPWaldon

    Old Photos of Broardway Billiards?
  5. StevenPWaldon

    New York City's Newest Poolroom - Society Billiards - Coming this Spring!

    Can't wait for Society to open, Jude. I wish you and Society the best of luck in the years ahead. I look forward to playing there.
  6. StevenPWaldon

    Society Billiards in NYC -- taking over Broadway Billiards old space?

    Great to hear the old space is going to be a pool hall once again! I can't wait for it to open up!
  7. StevenPWaldon

    Society Billiards in NYC -- taking over Broadway Billiards old space?

    Are you going to hire Spanish Eddie as the house pro?
  8. StevenPWaldon

    Society Billiards in NYC -- taking over Broadway Billiards old space?

    Please also make sure to get the lime-green walls done correctly.
  9. StevenPWaldon

    Society Billiards in NYC -- taking over Broadway Billiards old space?

    Does anyone know about this new Society Billiards place, that apparently is taking over the old Broadway Billiards space in NYC? There's a placeholder website up now ( as well as a Facebook page that says they're going to have Diamond Pro-Ams, but this is all the...
  10. StevenPWaldon

    Do you use a Predator Z2 shaft?

    Matt- I use a Z2, but it's not for everyone. I don't think you should switch to a Z2 simply because some great players use it. I'd be willing to bet that most of the professional players who play with a predator shaft use a 314 (or 314^2) shaft. If you apply your logic to that statement, then...
  11. StevenPWaldon

    Final 8 at turning stone

    I watched that match, and the Kimmer came to the table with a high calibre game; it was great to watch. The man was getting out from everywhere! I'm hoping for a Davenport / Dominguez final. California all the way!
  12. StevenPWaldon

    Oscar Dominguez....

    Congratulations, Oscar. You did good!
  13. StevenPWaldon

    Dennis Hatch a Great Choice

    Now that he's made a big impact on this year's Mosconi Cup, I hope he can be left on the team for future years without having to be subject to a popularity vote. Clearly he's a world class player, and he's got a lot of heart that can carry the team. Awesome job, for everyone who picked Dennis!
  14. StevenPWaldon

    Caption please.....

    "Hey lady, push that Colonel aside and let me show you why they call me The Scorpion!"
  15. StevenPWaldon

    *** Official Mosconi Cup 2009 Thread ***

    Am i the only one getting a black screen from the link?
  16. StevenPWaldon

    *** Official Mosconi Cup 2009 Thread ***

    I think Hatch has more experience than you give him credit for. He played in the IPT events, the FINALS of the US Open, and even competed in the 14.1 World Championships (in 2007, I believe). He's got some pretty big time experience.
  17. StevenPWaldon

    Who wins?

    I might have to give it to Alcano, but not by much. I think they're both tremendous shot-makers, banks, safety players, etc etc... but Alcano can really come with impressive stroke shots and he's really got a hell of a break. He nailed the soft break when he beat Souquet in the 9-Ball WPCs, and...
  18. StevenPWaldon

    Predator Shaft

    I found these online a while back. I've never split mine like this; I have only cracked ferrules (that stayed on).
  19. StevenPWaldon

    Predator Shaft

    I've cracked a couple of Predator ferrules, and both times they replaced it and had it back in my hands in 10 days. They also followed up with a phone call to keep me informed as to the status of the repair / replacement. Great customer service, even if the QC isn't always the best!
  20. StevenPWaldon

    A Question for "A" Players and Above - How to play when not in stroke?

    Thanks everyone, for the advice given. I find it especially helpful to get advice about the mental side of the game from more advanced players; this is the sort of thing you can't really find in books, and it varies from person to person so I appreciate everyone's comments. Thanks!