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  1. Nineballjerry2

    Older kersenbrock house cue conversion

    New pic I have mor just email me I'll take whatever part you want to see
  2. Nineballjerry2

    Older kersenbrock house cue conversion

    I have this Kersenbrock to let go of.It was made from an old house cue that I had special attachment don't find very many conversion cues from David . I had just received a large insurance settlement . I lived in New Mexico at time so we loaded up and headed to Vegas!this was in 1989 I...
  3. Nineballjerry2

    75 inlay 5 Point Tim Scruggs Cue for sale

    Always enjoy your beautiful Scruggs cues!.it would be to hard to let go of any for me !I am currently looking for a Scruggs titlist conversion no wrap ivory hope ring and joint.Tim and Mike were making me one but sadly we lost them both .i sent them a great blank to start with.if you have any...
  4. Nineballjerry2

    Kikel ebony Titlist conversion

    Beautiful cue sir!you just helped me decide to trade a old four point kersenbrock for a ebony titlist if I can find one .Just perfect cue you have mates old school with a modern touch!im gonna try to move around some stuff and make room for your cue.always find exactly what I'm looking for when...
  5. Nineballjerry2

    Wall bling for my man cave

    Great poster! I think it would go very well with my '61 Gold Crown. Great great find ! When you move or get tired of it shoot it on down here to Mobile. Thanks for sharing,Jerry2
  6. Nineballjerry2

    Ivory Piano keys for cue makers?

    I've heard of older style cue makers using it.I would love to have some to try on cues and pocket knife handles .please let me know what you plan on doing with it, Thanks Jerry2
  7. Nineballjerry2

    Sad news. Tim Scruggs past away last night.

    Very sad to lose a good man ,He will live on with a great legacy in the hearts and hands thru his life's work.He was a treasure as much as his cues are and will always be ,you could ask for more out life then what he had .friends,family and doing something he loved Who in our pool world doesn't...
  8. Nineballjerry2

    ~>~>~>~>~~> Guess the maker <~~<~<~<~<~

    Wide hole in butt pin looks exactly like my old kers with very similar ring work as my late 80's kersenbrock .great cue! Thanks for the pics! Jerry2
  9. Nineballjerry2

    Balabushka or Szamboti or Kersenbrock or ?

    I played with a old house cue kersenbrock converted for me in the 80's played very consistently with it.played with a nicer Gus in the ninetys.last 5 years it's been a real nice six point Scruggs that can read your mind it plays so well! Any cue from good maker will out play most mortals.find...
  10. Nineballjerry2

    My (new to me) McDermott C-21

    Great cue! I had one just like it was stolen from Breakers in mobile couple years ago had a tacky VJ or vr hand carved on it at butt.very nice cues play very well! As good as any out there your c21 is collectible might be a keeper! Jerry2
  11. Nineballjerry2

    custom fullsplice order completed

    Great work! Love the rings.perfect amount of it Jerry2
  12. Nineballjerry2

    Tim Scruggs ebony titleist conversion

    Beautiful cue! That might be the only cue I'd trade my old kersenbrock for.I have a soft spot for Scruggs and titlist cues and you nailed both .enjoy playing with it! Thanks for showing ! Jerry2
  13. Nineballjerry2

    Odd playing cue.....

    Longoni made several cues in that form some with really nice intarsia.may have been what you seen .hope it helped Thanks Jerry2
  14. Nineballjerry2

    john schimdt runs 266

    John is an amazing player! I played him almost everyday on a diamond table in Mobile he rarely misses and when he's concentrating even more of the best players of our generation. Was always a gentleman at the table and that's a rarity in it's self. Thanks for reading , Jerry2
  15. Nineballjerry2

    Introducing Cohen Cues

    Love your style!your fit and finish appears top notch! The design style is dead on for my your work! Hope to see more of have a great background with top level instructors something others would kill for. Great job! Jerry2
  16. Nineballjerry2

    New 6 point boar

    Very beautiful cue! I hope you will enjoy it instead of hiding it in a closet like many of us do. Perfect cue thanks for showing ! Jerry2
  17. Nineballjerry2

    Short end of the stick

    Just stroke it a little bit it should plump back up.that happens as we get older! Jerry2
  18. Nineballjerry2

    Gold snake juma & zircote

    Looks great! Your ring work is always cool you always seem to find just the right the juma handle sleeved on ? Keep up the great work gives us something to aspire to. Thanks Jerry2
  19. Nineballjerry2

    Ebony Willie Hoppe cue

    Nice score! Hope you let us know what it turns into love the old school! Jerry2
  20. Nineballjerry2

    My new Titlist conversion.

    Love it! Nothing like simple lines and quality construction that gives you the confidence to run rack after rack.I'm searching for a titlist conversion myself, Great cue you have sir enjoy it! Jerry2