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  1. outrider1

    Let’s see those vintage Adam cues

    I posted my 2 Monte Carlo cues here, the Adam Icon is smaller on the later one with box on the bottom stacked, not spliced.
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    Let’s see those vintage Adam cues

    I have 3.Left one is an Adam "FG" model with a ss joint. And 2 production jeans 8 points "Monte Carlo" cues.
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    Wanted: Adam "FG" shaft.

  4. outrider1

    Wanted: Adam "FG" shaft.

  5. outrider1

    Wanted: Adam "FG" shaft.

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    Playing up against better players-advice please

    I played the state champion years ago, a nice guy. His advice? Use all the defense you know. And I won. Good luck.
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    Wanted: Adam "FG" shaft.

  8. outrider1

    Wanted: Adam "FG" shaft.

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    Wanted: Adam "FG" shaft.

    Wanted: Adam "FG" model shaft,of playable quality. Thanks in advance!
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    help to id a cue

    I'd say Adam also. Check with jman on here, he knows Adam/Viking cues!
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    What is the definition of a "piloted (shaft) joint" ?

    My Adams are piloted. The rest are flat faced.
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    Please identify pin - thanks

    Go to a hardware store and buy common thread size nuts, I did it years ago.
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    Palmer PB6

    Adam bought out many Companies back then,I had a Diamond cue that was a great player. Adam got the rights from Andrew Diamond, only cue I had with a bright blue bumper!
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    Deep Focus, movie reviews of The Hustler & The Color of Money

    COM disappointed me also. Cruise aka Vincent is pictured on the book but ,isn't in Walter Tevish's book at all. The book was great,it's a shame Hollywood changed it.
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    Palmer case

    One on ebay now.
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    How many Cues do you own today

    1 Adam FG model, 2 Adam Monte Carlo's, a jump break cue unmarked and an old National cue. Lots of shafts, bumpers and whatnots and Fellini style cases also.
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    Some days...

    Not to worry, Fatboy. I'm sure our government is willing and able to get their cut from the proceeds! Oh my!
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    I've had several examples of the old Meucci Originals, from my experience about half of the shaft joints or butt ringworm failed. Either by splitting or cracking even the butt caps had issues. I asked a dealer in the '80's about it and he said it was the implex Bob was using at the time. Idk if...
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    Your best playing production cue

    Plain jane Adam "FG" early '80's model. Both the joint and shaft are stainless steel made. It is the best hitting Adam I've owned since 1990. It's the one on the left.Noy fancy but it would kill me to lose it.
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    They made a movie...

    To me,I liked the Hustler. It came out the year I was born and it showed the style of those times, I felt. The COM however made me wonder if Tevish had even written it. It was a Hollywood version complete with Cruise, an actor with no business acting IMO. Please read the book, you will be glad...