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    dufferin info

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "the white part, btw, was called a flame by Dufferin." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- More than likely because it IS a flame. BTW - they also made a...
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    Were Lepro tips ever black?

    Are there 'black' le Pro tips? No... and yes... sorta. If you care to ask Dr Google search 'Donnie Anderson tips' as a start. Dale
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    Kj cues

    What about Seyberts? Isn't that who he does repairs for? Dale
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    wrap question

    I wouldn't quite bet my life, but purty sure it was lacquer sanding sealer. Dale
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    CNC Controller Question

    Google to the rescue: Dale
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    I am curious to see how people respond to this.

    Semantics strikes again. As others have said, something like an intentional foul is not cheating. Dale
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    vintage pool table question

    +1 on the wooden inserts. I had a couple antiques myself with them. IMHO - that table is an absolute gem. Dale
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    Inside English vs Outside English

    Newsflash: the conversation you are having with yourself is not about inside vs outside english. Cornerman freddie has described the phenomenon clearly, concisely, and correctly. FWIW - ask any C- or better 3C player, we use inside that is running all the time. Consider the opening break...
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    carom cue vs pocket cues

    The Pro Taper - which should be called the 'no taper' :) was in fact developed for Balkline which requires the most precise cueing of any game. Most of the shots are very 'soft' and super close to the CB Dale
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    Customer wants ivory ferrule

    You are joking right? Dale
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    Quick and dirty CNC

    FWIW - I was aware of Todd's machine. Fine it is for profiling butts or shafts in one direction but not practical to expand into a fully functional CNC. The BB6 at this point seems to be a CNC lathe DIY kit with few instructions and even less "support". Ya' think maybe he and the XZERO guy...
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    Quick and dirty CNC

    Thanks a bunch - I really appreciate your offer. Dale
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    Meucci Myth

    My comments were in reference to pre 80s. Wasn't the 90s the era of the notorious 'flex shafts'? Dale
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    Meucci Myth

    No. Moochie shafts were whippy for decades prior to LD shafts. Dale(who was there)
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    Quick and dirty CNC

    It helped me:). To be fair, the web site now implies you have to build the lathe yourself. And my interest is in the CNC, so tapering is not an issue. Assembling all the bits and pieces from scratch is definitely more of a project than I want, but i don't see it as a deal breaker. Thanks a...
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    Quick and dirty CNC

    Anyone out there know anything about this offering from fleabay? Of course I would prefer verified facts but will listen to rumors that have the...
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    South Bend Heavy 10

    A. great lathe for cuewhacking - and such a deal 2. 1 or 2 parts a month... let's call it 20 per year for 40 years... In 30 hours?... Dale(who is arithmeticly obsessed)
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    Derby City - Banks

    Well. my Bank game is not what it once was. but if you want to engage in a bit of math competition, I am willing to bet my house. If we limit it to Probability, you can get long odds. And I will even throw in the tutoring in remedial reading you so obviously need. Dale
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    Derby City - Banks

    Let me translate that to English for you. He was lucky to get a bye, NOT, he won 9 matches in a row due to luck. Dale
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    Billiards article found. It WAS about Nagy - Part 1

    Thanks for the info. Hopefully my local library card will enable my access. I know they provide links to a gazillion and more such DBs. Dale