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  1. Eric.

    Pool hall injuries. Cuts, burns, bites... whatever.

    I've seen someone get their front tooth chipped while trying to catch a CB. The guy lost the CB on the break. Someone else picks it up and gently tosses it towards the breaker. The breaker goes to scoop catch the CB but miss handles it and it caroms off his hand/wrist and into his open mouth...
  2. Eric.

    Will this shutdown finish off most pool halls in the US?

    Amen. From what I heard, the 2 trillion stimulus package that is supposed to pass the house vote, today, has specific provisions for small businesses, specifically, through the Small Business Administration (SBA). Typically, the few/main avenues for small business support has been through the...
  3. Eric.

    AZers and the economic meltdown

    Thanks, Brian. We're a "boutique" shop, so we are right sized and lean. A lot of our operational stuff (like account custody services) is outsourced to a large firm that we are associated with, so we are still in decent shape (although, cash reserves are tight). Eric >oversharing
  4. Eric.

    Looking for some old "players" names

    I found his obit... Eric
  5. Eric.

    AZers and the economic meltdown

    Thanks for the kind words, Chris. I definitely won't be going anywhere, I'm the majority owner of this little shop of ours. Eric >boss, cook, go-fer
  6. Eric.

    Looking for some old "players" names

    Steve, Although my memory is pretty bad, I'm thinking that Sy was from the Trenton, NJ area, originally and might have been living in west PA for a while. I haven't seen him in 10 years or so and heard he passed on? Eric
  7. Eric.

    AZers and the economic meltdown

    Well Chris, you know what line of work I'm in, lol... In additional to client advisory services, my company maintains a proprietary trading account. Long story, short, the head trader (me) misjudged the depth and breadth of this market decline. It blew through my worst case risk projections...
  8. Eric.

    Looking for some old "players" names

    You might be right, about Sy being 5'7". Maybe I just remembered him being taller? He was definitely from NJ, at one point. I seem to remember him saying he was from the Trenton area? Eric
  9. Eric.

    Aranas vs. Filler Ten Ball

    Umm, yeah, it does refer to the basement of Roy's house, as well as the business that grew out of it. Roy started streaming stuff like top players practicing in his basement, on FB, in the beginning. Now you know. Eric
  10. Eric.

    Super Billiards Expo considering closing over pandemic

    Montgomery County, PA: Eric
  11. Eric.

    Two eras ago, the pros, which tip did they use?

    the best pro tip, is to not get too obsessed over tips. Eric
  12. Eric.

    Pool in the Time of Coronavirus

    Mazel tov! Memo? Lemme check Facebook. I'll be right back. Eric >Fakebook news
  13. Eric.

    Pool in the Time of Coronavirus

    You guys realize that corona viruses have been around for a long time? It's just this latest strain that is new. Similar to influenza, it can mutate. Eric >stocking up on chicken soup
  14. Eric.

    Who got the apa thread deleted ?

    Geezus...looks like the same ol', same ol' Brian Lipes. Remember the last time you made stupid threats towards me? I told you where you can find me and what I looked like. I was standing 5 feet away from you, at Turning Stone, giving you the stink eye. You never did come over and say boo to...
  15. Eric.

    Daulton Leong Road Respect

    Kinda looks like Dan Louie... Eric
  16. Eric.

    Who got the apa thread deleted ?

    If you forum search Brian Lipes or Master9baller or 2strong4u or dbldown or apapro, Icouldcareless, play4$, letzplay, apaalltheway... He's no stranger here. Eric.
  17. Eric.

    Who got the apa thread deleted ? Eric
  18. Eric.

    Daulton Leong Road Respect

    Dalton was living around here (NYC) towards the end of his life, when he was murdered. I believe he was also into acting, at the time. Soemone should tag Fran Crimi, for more on Dalton. Eric >I suppose, I just did...
  19. Eric.

    Forum name.

    I wanted something unique. Eric
  20. Eric.

    Freddie Agnir

    It was "Fred Agnir". That's how I met him, before he started calling himself "Freddie" or "Cornerman". Actually, it goes back to RSB. Eric >still Eric