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  1. galipeau

    Simple players

    Just got this Brazilian rosewood Solid Adam cue with a converted joint from ideologist. It matches my black collar 314 3 shaft and a ferruless Starkey. Frees up my sneaky to be a break cue. Both have oil and wax finish, which I like. Haven't played it yet, but has a good tone from the sound of it.
  2. galipeau

    Bar beater thread

    That's way too pretty Ken. I think the Criteria is whether you would let a toddler swing it around or not. Belongs in the sneaky Pete thread I started years ago. Very nice cue. The Falcon was 25 bucks and I found the Z shaft for 50. So under 100 for an ugly, but high performing cue.
  3. galipeau

    Baseball bat cue

    I agree, ash isn't my favorite. This one is pretty heavy, obviously over sized in current form. I also have 4 maple bat billets that would be solid players. I'm curious if years of cracking baseballs would affect the wood characteristics in terms of tone though
  4. galipeau

    Baseball bat cue

    I bought a baseball bat for an dollar today at a garage sale. It's an older Louisville slugger ash bat. Could be turned down to make a nice plain player. Has a good tone. Anyone already tried this?
  5. galipeau

    Blast from the past - Greg Hearn

    Always thought those were neat. Does the butt rattle at all?
  6. galipeau

    Bar beater thread

    Show the cues that you have that are total dogs. I bought this Falcon to bring to dive bars where I don't want to be too flashy, or if I'm worried my nice cues would get stolen. I recently put a pool noodle on the handle just to see what it would be like to grip. I call it the "super earl...
  7. galipeau

    When in Rome...

    I do that on occasion for practice during league. 3c is great, but 4 ball is more accessible
  8. galipeau

    Open- or closed-bridge hand and gloves?

    Watching Rafael Martinez made me favor the open bridge again. I used to play it all the time. Below is Oliver Ortman playing weenie beanie on accistats. I feel the open bridge allows the stroke to be free and gives a better sight line.
  9. galipeau

    Two playing cues used in the same game?

    Golfers have 14 clubs, each with their own purpose. Why as pool players do we limit ourselves to one playing cue? Sure, we have a break and jump cue that are specialized, but why not extend that logic to your player? Would you use for example, a low deflection shaft for long accuracy focused...
  10. galipeau

    Wtt for jump cue

  11. galipeau

    Let’s see those vintage Adam cues

    Fun brochure
  12. galipeau

    OB Butts and Predator Shafts

    I've had an original ob1 and used it for snooker. The predator feels stiffer in the taper and larger tip, which I like. Had to adjust the weight bolt to bring the balance back a bit. Both companies made great shafts, but I'm excited to play this hybrid cue a bit more
  13. galipeau

    Show me your Purple Heart sneakies

    Made this one from a house cue in Sacramento. Shaft was made by the original owner of the establishment I got the butt from. Brass big pin. 13.5mm tip
  14. galipeau

    OB Butts and Predator Shafts

    I think ob made better looking butts, and predator makes better feeling shafts. Not many modern predator butts are appealing looking to me except the full splices. I just picked up an OB 125 curly maple player and I'm excited to see how it feels with the 314 3 shaft I have.
  15. galipeau

    Sneaky Collection (Scruggs & JMW)

    Before pics?
  16. galipeau

    Wtt golf clubs for cues

    Nice scotty. Worth about 450
  17. galipeau

    Wtt golf clubs for cues

    Looking for a predator vantage shaft
  18. galipeau

    Starkey butterfly

    Goes well with my purpleheart sneaky and Koa Hagan. Maybe I should keep it?
  19. galipeau

    Starkey butterfly

    29 inch 18 ish oz 12.3mm tip
  20. galipeau

    Starkey butterfly

    I don't know what size the pin is. Starkey standard wood thread