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    To all mechanics who post in this forum.

    Man, I haven't been on here in MONTHS! Looks like I've been missing out! :lol:
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    Table: Set up or sell?

    I'm just down in Dayton, so not far from you. Some dealers will take tables on trade or "consignment". It doesn't hurt to call around and ask. Worst they could say is no. In my personal opinion, unless you're just itching to play right now and have nowhere else to go, it doesn't sound worth...
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    Olhausen Rail Recommendations

    The cloth cloth be stretched too tight, or the rails could be dead and not maintaining their shape. Does the nameplate mention Accu-Fast, or do you know the approximate age of the table?
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    Valley 7ft home table

    Right, the one I set up and recovered was a different cabinet design than the coin table style. It was more of a hybrid between those boxy looking Kasson tables and a ATI, but it definitely was a Valley brand. It's the only one I've seen in 17 years, but such a table actually does exist!
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    Valley 7ft home table

    Actually, Valley actually DID make some 3 piece slate home tables. I'm not saying I argued with a customer, but I didn't believe it until I saw one myself. They do unbolt and come apart similar to a lot of the plywood/laminated beam framed tables out there.
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    Thoroughbred Tips Introduction Giveaway!!!

    I've got one on my cue, and so far, I'm pretty impressed. It's maybe just a tad softer than what I'm used to in a Kamui, but for the price, I'm not even mad about it. To me it's worth knowing that once I settle in on the hit I want, I know that's what I'm getting in the next one. The one...
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    Is This Acceptable?

    If all else is good with the installation (level slate, tight cloth, etc), a much easier solution would be some RKC style pocket cuffs to hide the darts and staples.
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    Moving Diamond Smart Table w/o Cart?

    Doug, I'm in Dayton and have a Diamond cart, and I think Chris Williams in Columbus still has access to them. Could that be an option for you?
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    Pool table with wheels ?

    Typically you wouldn't want a pool table to move for multiple reasons, so I don't know of any who make their tables on wheels. Any options would have to be aftermarket.
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    Is This Acceptable?

    Depends. New install....for a lot of places who hire furniture assemblers, yeah, unfortunately, that's acceptable. Used table, if the cloth was not replaced, depending on the stretch pattern of the original install...might be as good as it gets. As these other guys said, for a qualified...
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    Table mechanic in Dayton Ohio?

    Thanks, guys! Yeah, if you can hold off until after the holidays, I can definitely take care of you. Give me an email, call, or text whenever. (937)609-2049 Thanks! Josh
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    Pockets, cloth and cushions???

    Olhausen uses Hood Leather pockets already, so they're going to be the same web you're used to, although you could change shield styles if you want. The Accu-Fast rubber shouldn't go bad. Olhausen guarantees it for life, so if you DO have any dead rails, if you're the original owner of the...
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    Jack Z or Josh E - Michigan?

    I've done a little bit of work in Holland, and could again. I don't have anything on the books right now going that way, but we could get it done. Feel free to give him my info.
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    Fixing poorly installed rail cloth

    Wow, those are pretty bad! Depends on how much excess cloth they trimmed off. If they cut it pretty short, it'll be tough to fix without stretching tight enough to distort the nose of the rubber.
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    Championship's Master Installer Certification Course

    Jordan and I actually did go to one of the early courses, and yes, at the time, the gentleman teaching the course did things differently than we do. He and the rest in attendance that day, including Fred, Mike, Bill, and the rest of the mechanics, installers, and Championship staff were very...
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    Championship's Master Installer Certification Course

    Well that escalated quickly!!! :-D Seriously though, congrats, Pat. That's a big compliment to be teaching their course. I know you'll do it justice.
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    Dumb question - be gentle

    Generally, yeah. I've got a buddy that wears out the cloth on his 7' Diamond at his house about twice a year. He wears holes in the cloth in the break and rack areas. We usually only do the rails every other time to save him a few bucks. 99% of the rest of the tables I cover, we just assume...
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    What's wrong with my table?

    What he said. However...You already paid the person to do it. As a mechanic, I wouldn't appreciate it if someone was unhappy with my work and didn't give me a chance to remedy the situation one way or the other. If they guarantee their work at all, I would call and let them know that it...
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    Pool Table 911

    PM me, Facebook message me, text me, or give me a call Pat. :-) I'm curious what all you have in the way of shims, wedges, facings, feather strips, etc.
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    Brunswick Montclair 1968-1970 Table Questions

    You can find replacement corner caps and miters at I've ordered many things from there, and Ken is awesome to deal with.