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  1. poolcuemaster

    Accu-Stats PPV - US Open

    Yes I have I watched the first match Sunday night and after that I got three white dots flashing on a black screen for a minute saying it would try again in twenty seconds so I missed the next two matches except for two games. I rebooted and logged out several times before giving up. I had...
  2. poolcuemaster

    Danny Basavitch

    Anybody know how to get in touch with Danny or his friend (manager) I just need to chat with him.--Leonard
  3. poolcuemaster

    Any Interest

  4. poolcuemaster

    Any Interest

    I have a Kid Delicious Pechaur cue I bought from Danny at Derby City after he won a match with the cue 7 or 8 years ago and has never been played with again that I would like to sell. Can do Pictures if needed.--Leonard
  5. poolcuemaster

    dc speed control

    several years ago my box for the dc motor only runs full speed all the time so can I fix by myself like fuse potentionomer od resistor. I bought a dc speed control from dave 38 and recently this happened. anyway to test this dave has not responded. -- leonard leonard
  6. poolcuemaster

    steve klapp

    Has anyone heard from Steve lately, is he ok?--Leonard
  7. poolcuemaster

    I will be gone for an hour or two!Must go to rehab

    May God Bless You and I pray for you to be better.--Leonard
  8. poolcuemaster

    PPV May 21-24 Buffalo's Billiards Professional One Pocket $2000 Entry

    Hey Ray any good gambling going on after they got knocked out--leonard
  9. poolcuemaster

    PPV May 21-24 Buffalo's Billiards Professional One Pocket $2000 Entry

    Go Jay Bird kick some but for Carolina my friend.--Leonard
  10. poolcuemaster

    PPV May 21-24 Buffalo's Billiards Professional One Pocket $2000 Entry

    Go Jay Bird kick some but you ole Carolina kid.
  11. poolcuemaster

    Diamond 7 foot Smart table

    looking for a table, will pay shipping-- Leonard
  12. poolcuemaster

    A question for Porpor B lathe users ....

    Willie you need to try some of the junior johnson blackberry moon shine they sellin, it'll make that hole look 3/4 inch.--leonard
  13. poolcuemaster

    Revenue Generators in YOUR Pool Room

    poker machines and league around charlotte
  14. poolcuemaster

    Feb 6,7,8 PPV 2nd Annual Don Samples Memorial - Formerly Super Bowl 9 Ball

    Hey Ray I'm trying to buy the 3 day don samples pass but it shows up saturday derby and 14.95 instead of 15.95 in the cart.--leonard
  15. poolcuemaster

    Need 2 buy 2 tips

    A local player just bought my last hard Tallisman pro tip and liked it so I need two spares, will paypal.--Leonard
  16. poolcuemaster

    Will he 3 peat

    I think that when you are talking about rack mechanic's that you should NOT talk to the biggest POS pro player ever to rack the ball's.
  17. poolcuemaster

    Shoutout to user Poolhustler

    Wired Wrong Wired for 110 instead of 220 --Two Twenty Year Olds just messing LOL Leonard
  18. poolcuemaster

    tony choan

    Just think Another pool player who pled guilty to a much worse crime will serve less time than Tony, Howard Vickery to also be released in 2016. That is a crime.--Leonard
  19. poolcuemaster

    Who wrote the book on cue building ?

    Rick I would like to read the Spain and DPK cue books if you have time to send them to my email. I have been building for about 5 years and like to learn, I have read and re read your method of when you install the pin and ferrule. Anyway thanks if you can send them. Leonard Holmes at...
  20. poolcuemaster

    Win Kamui Gifts on this thread only! “20 Questions with Kamui”

    not any waste that vmatters Beside it is alot harder to center the smaller tip onto the shaft and us cuemaker's like to trim the 14 mm tip to the shaft.