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  1. J Soto

    Laurie Franklin (Southwest Cues) just called....

    Over 15 years to get a cue! I know their waiting list is long, but I don’t even know if I’ll be alive in 15 years.
  2. J Soto

    Perfect Practice Makes Perfect - How to Train your Tempo for Ideal Speed Control

    Shane Van Boening pauses when the cue tip is right at the cueball, not the final backswing. There’s no right or wrong way to play pool. Alot of instructors also say don’t drop your elbow, but all the great players that I have seen in person definitely drop their elbow with the exception of one...
  3. J Soto

    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    I've been around for quite a while.
  4. J Soto

    Shane vs Shaw

    How is a picture of someone doing a fist pump look like someone defeated?
  5. J Soto

    It's Yankee time,pooey on the Red Sox

    Yeah because we love watching pichters bat that are an automatic out.
  6. J Soto

    It's Yankee time,pooey on the Red Sox

    The Red Sox are Champions. Get over it. I don't want to hear what ifs...maybe in a parallel universe the Astors are healthy and win but not in our reality..on a side note Go Red Sox!!!
  7. J Soto

    Dominiak Ultra Pete - Volume Discount Buy-In

    If you can’t get the group buy I’ll sell you my ultra Pete for $215 shipped.
  8. J Soto

    predator shaft choice.

    The Vantage doesn’t have a pro taper. It’s 12.9mm at the tip and it’s a conical taper. The Vantage plays really good. After the Revo it’s the lowest deflecting shaft from Predator.
  9. J Soto

    John Robinson Cues

    Mike that cue looks familiar. Does it belong to one of the Minichellos?
  10. J Soto

    Fargo rating creep, real or no?

    I don’t take fargorate serious. To me it’s like that WAR stat for baseball.
  11. J Soto

    Becue reviews?

    I don’t own a becue, but I tried one at this years expo. I really liked the hit and feel of the cue. Extremely low deflection (comparable to the revo). I didn’t like the finish on it though. You can now purchase just the shafts from them...I would’ve gotten a shaft if it wasn’t for the price.
  12. J Soto

    FS: Tuxedo KF Custom Cue

    this is the same company where the Predator butts are manufactured. the cues play good. good luck with your sale.
  13. J Soto

    Crow's Nest Pub & Grill Plaistow NH

    I've played there numerous times. They're definately not 9footers, and are bigger than the bar tables at the expo. I have just never seen 8 foot diamonds anywhere else.
  14. J Soto

    Crow's Nest Pub & Grill Plaistow NH

    Does Diamond make 8 foot tables? If so, I think they have 8 footers there.
  15. J Soto

    Bensinger’s photo book

    I stumbled upon this site by accident but I like pool history. I’ve heard of Bensinger’s quite a lot and it’s nice to see photographs of the old pool hall. There’s even an old picture of Freddy the Beard there...
  16. J Soto

    Super fancy evan clark

    When you say “one of his last works at Segen Cues”, do you mean he’s not going to work there any longer? Or do you just mean it’s his “latest” cue?
  17. J Soto

    Yankee Fans

    Here is my favorite Aaron Judge picture.
  18. J Soto

    Oscar in big $$$ in Akron Oh

    2 games on the wire going to 50 games? Well ok then.
  19. J Soto

    What ever happened to Roy Steffensen?

    I was just curious as to what happened to him? He used to always post on here. it's been years since he posted.