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  1. cuesmith

    Arizona Open - U.S. Pro Billiard Series

    I kinda understand, BUT ,If you're someone eager to learn, Jeremy is hard to beat! He explains things to a level that if you truly want to improve your game he'll show you ways to give you a much better win/loss ration. I love Danny DiLiberto from a color/knowlege standpoint and teamed with...
  2. cuesmith

    Masse cue tip help

    I'd be tempted to make and try a rubber tip........
  3. cuesmith

    PPV-May 26-30th 2021 Buffalo's Pro Classic-$13,500 Total Added.

    Anyone know if the recent bad weather & flooding is going to affect the Buffalo tournament?
  4. cuesmith

    carbon fiber cue mishap

    I'm also not taking in any CF shaft work. Too much of a liability when balanced with the expected profits of doing the work. IMHO CF shafts are just the newest of the gimmicks to come down the road! I don't expect to see many of them still being used 5-10 years from now!
  5. cuesmith

    Anyone know Brian "Red" Martin ?

    Thanks Sneakypete for any help you can offer. Would like to hook up with Brian.
  6. cuesmith

    Anyone know Brian "Red" Martin ?

    I'll try bumping this again. Anyone know Brian Martin?
  7. cuesmith

    WANTED WICO pointed veneer cues any brand Viking, Huebler, Mali, Send pics and price please, cash buyer.

    I have a friend looking to sell a Gus WICO. Is that something you'd be interested in?
  8. cuesmith

    Need Help on Cue ID??

    I think Chris nailed this one!
  9. cuesmith

    Vernon Elliot "The Faceless Man" - Great Road Player, or The Greatest?

    I asked Vernon how he dreamed up that "crazy bank shot" and he just said "You just have to be more'n little crazy I guess"
  10. cuesmith

    Vernon Elliot "The Faceless Man" - Great Road Player, or The Greatest?

    He was also careful not to inadvertently knock someone's action. Gary and I were in a game/poolroom in Chattanooga back in the day. Vernon came to the front door and saw Gary playing a local. He stopped and waited outside til we were done. We then went to dinner together. While we were eating I...
  11. cuesmith

    Anyone Know Of A Guy From Carolinas Who Did Trickshots w/His Mouth?

    Back in the 80's there was a guy who was know for this, but I can't remember his name. He was busted at a "Starchers" tournament back then and they let him do an exhibition for his entry fee and my road partner Gary Spaeth asked me if it was OK if he slept on our motel room floor, which I agreed...
  12. cuesmith

    PPV -Oct 30-Nov 4 5th Annual Sparkle City - 10,000 One Pocket/10 Ball/Pro-Am

    what he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ??
  13. cuesmith

    The International 9-Ball Open

    Been pretty much flawless for me all week! And the matches have been amazing! Wish we had more American players, playing at the level that the "bar" has apparently been raised to! WOW
  14. cuesmith

    The International 9-Ball Open

    Still great here!
  15. cuesmith

    Current posters who were around for RSB or pool please sign in

    Been there, Done that! I was pretty active in both until that goof ruined them! Can't remember his name now but I'm glad he's barred from the current groups. I believe in "free speech" but not when someone uses it abusively. Sherm
  16. cuesmith

    Where to play in Cincinnati

    Cincinnati Wish I had a nickel for every time I heard that one! ;) If you need any cue or tip work, while you're in town, I'm on the other end of that I-275 loop by the Ohio river and I have a tight 9' Diamond in my shop. Sherm
  17. cuesmith

    US Open PPV on Accu-Stats Oct 22-28 <<<<{{{{{{

    Actually I have also but it seems like a loose connection that's jossled once in a while.It comes and goes so I figured it was on my end. If you saw the "rats nest of wires" behind my entertainment center you'd understand.
  18. cuesmith

    Gus Szamboti 70's

    Logdog, Do we know each other? From your story, I would think we've crossed paths. I was Gary's stakehorse and best friend up til he passed in 2000. I also had the dubious distinction of being a pall bearer at both Joey & Gary's funerals. Made many a trip to Starchers and all over the country...
  19. cuesmith

    Gary Spaeth's granddaughter has cancer

    I'm so sorry to hear of this. My prayers will be sent often. Sherm
  20. cuesmith

    2016 US Open 9-Ball, Accu-Stats PPV and INFO <<<==={{{{{

    Chill! This is Accu-Stats, the best in the business. They will get it right and make it right, I'm sure. When they set up in remote locations, they never really know what they'll encounter with the internet connections at the locations. Sometimes they have to tweek some stuff and test it until...